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    Butt Mate

    By bryan boyer
    Sep 23, '04 9:44 PM EST

    To people not familiar with the GSD, perhaps the most suspicious term thrown around here is not "phenomenologically", "a priori" or any of the other terms disscussed in the comments of this site. No, it's "Butt Mate." I first heard this term in the halls when I was visiting the school to hear a lecture. Two people were gosiping about their buttmates and I found myself confused. Is this butt mate business something about dancing? Eating too much? Smoking?

    Alas, it's much more simple than that. Our desks are arranged back to back so that when two people are stting at their desks in this relatively small space they are almost sitting butt to butt. Still seems like a funny term to me, but better than "cubicle buddy" or some other concoction that involves more syllables.

    This post dedicated to my will-remain-nameless buttmate, a fellow west coast transplant who also shares my initials.


    • sahar

      Our desk were arranged this way my first 2 years of undergrad, then the professors gave the students x amount of desks and let the free for all begin. My "buttmate" (hehe) was very unplesant to sit next to during charrette because everytime I got up I would get the look of death since our chairs were very close to each other and so he had to move too. I ended up moving my desk into the hall way.

      Hope it doesn't happen to you. Pretend to be oblivious if it does.

      Sep 24, 04 11:47 am  · 

      I had a "face mate" last year (I only had half a pin up board in front of me).

      Sep 26, 04 1:14 am  · 

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