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    Small Breakdancer Wanted

    By bryan boyer
    Apr 15, '05 7:58 AM EST

    We're working on a project in one of my electives that requires the use of Pergo flooring products so they sent us a small shipment for testing. Wanting to know how durable this stuff is before we put it on the floor in the Javits center, I decided to install a small swath of it in studio where it's sure to get ample usage during these last few weeks of the semester.

    We've mixed and matched three different "woods" to get this super classy pattern: Papyrus (which looks more like birch), bamboo, and redwood.

    Buttmate LB and I are now soliciting breakdancers small enough to bust some moves on our new (and classy) dance floor without messing up the joint. The only breakdancer we've found so far is well over 6 feet tall and threatened to "take out [our] computers with [his] windmill." Watch out, ladies and gentlemen, CP is one dangerous force on the dance floor.

    Actually, it's surprisingly nice to have our own floor in the pod. A simple change in flooring claims space surprisingly well.

    This has nothing to do with Pergo. It's a stack of the following items: 1/16th model, 1/8th section model, big zap-a-gap, small zap-a-gap, sobo, zongamin cd case, .5 mechanical pencil, 6 metal hooks, plastic pencil box, and a cardboard box wrapped in red wrapping paper.


    • liberty bell

      The problem with breakdancing on Pergo is the stuff is so hard it will break the bones of the breackdancer...Pergo is at the absolute bottom of materials I would ever specify - I think I'd use Dryvit before I'd use Pergo....I think.

      It does look cute in your space, you made a nice pattern - but I just hate the stuff, I hate how clacky it sounds when you walk on it, and the whole notion of plastic laminate that appears to be wood is appalling, and standing on it for more than five minutes makes my joints hurt because it is simulataneaously both painfully hard yet not solid - it floats, so I find myself subtly pulling back on my footfalls to avoid the clackiness of it...

      End of rant. Please show us what you plan to do with the damnable stuff, I'm very curious.

      Apr 15, 05 12:59 pm  · 
      bryan boyer

      I'm not going to defend the stuff since I have just as many complaints as you, though mine mostly focus on its durability and scratch resistance. However, I should note that it's not plastic laminate. It's actually high density fiber board with wood grain printed on a sheet of newsprint-like paper and then a hard lacquer coating for durability. This stuff happens to have a built in felt backing which tries to address the clackiness that you bring up and we actually thought about installing it upside down. The felt surface is rather nice.

      Apr 15, 05 1:16 pm  · 

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