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    New project: 100

    By bryan boyer
    Mar 21, '05 11:02 PM EST

    Our next project has begun. It's a smallish museum/think tank building sited at Brandeis University a few minutes outside of Cambridge. As usual, on the site visit I was more interested in the textures than anything else. I never really turn this fascination with the micro into anything architectural, so maybe that's a good opportunity for this project.





    • RoBBie

      What kind of camera do you have the quality of those pic are awesome

      Mar 22, 05 1:18 am  · 

      Hey Bryan!

      I am just quit PreMed at Berkeley to focus on a portfolio and go into a MArch program. As someone who is currently in Arch, just imagine yourself at Microbiology lecture, and it should become painfully clear why I made the such a drastic change.

      I'm absolutely dying to go to Harvard GSD! I have heard so much about Harvard [referred to as "the last bastion of the true intellectuals"], and the East Coast in general has been pulling my frozen little heart away from California. This part of the world is great for the entertainment business, but there is inherent melancholia in all artists, and all the sun is killing me.

      So, I would be eternally grateful for all and any suggestions!

      Thank you,

      Liza Petrova
      [email protected]

      Mar 22, 05 6:49 am  · 
      bryan boyer

      You're maybe asking the wrong person for encouragement to leave CA. Most days I feel like the schools are about the only thing this place has going for it. If you've never taken any arch classes before I would recommend taking a summer studio (Harvard and Columbia offer them in the states, and RISD has one in Rome) to give you an introduction into this world and stock your portfolio a bit. good luck!

      Mar 22, 05 8:04 am  · 
      bryan boyer

      Robbie- it's a nikon 4500.

      Mar 22, 05 8:05 am  · 

      Hi Bryan,

      I've been reading some the blogs for different MArch programs to try to decide where I want to go next year. I've been accepted to the GSD, Rice, and UVA (all of which seemed quite lovely and friendly and suitably neurotic for my tastes) but I'm stuck now because, quite frankly, I've gotten all sorts of advice about how to get into grad school, but not so much on how to choose the right one for me...
      So I have some questions, if you've got a minute:

      Why did you choose the GSD? What is so great about it? Is it what you expected?

      Do most of the students seem to eat, live and breathe studio? (Com'on, be honest...I've been a design student before and this is not necessarily a bad thing. I'm sort of just interested in what I'm getting myself into, relative to other places)

      How's Boston going for you? I'm an Ohio girl, and currently living in NC, so I've not really been around that much. Does the school do community projects at all? Do you have the time to enjoy the life outside of Harvard?

      I know that's a lot of questions. Feel free to pick and choose and ignore as you see fit. But anything you could tell me would be fabulous.


      Tiffany Washburn

      Mar 27, 05 12:03 pm  · 
      bryan boyer

      Boston is not the greatest place, but that being said there seem to be plenty of people who enjoy it, so this is only my personal opinion. But, uhh, Houston? For what it's worth, I don't find much time to make it the few short miles to Boston... mostly I stay within the bounds of Cambridge save a trip every other week or so. I'm looking forward to changing this.

      Studio is the dominant commitment at the GSD. As one of the core professors would say, there's no doubt about it. Like any school, however, students pick and choose where they want to distribute their efforts. I know people who spend more time on their electives and outside projects than they do on studio, but it's certainly not common. Most people do their work in the actual studio itself, but again there are some who work from home.

      For what it's worth to you, when I applied to grad school a friend suggested that I choose based on faculty and facilities. If you're deciding between top-tier schools finding any kind of objective metric is useful, even if it's not going to make the final decision for you. Good luck.

      Mar 27, 05 12:35 pm  · 

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