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    Autechre, how could I forget about you?

    By bryan boyer
    Oct 10, '04 7:33 PM EST

    Thanks to my average 3am bedtime I haven't yet finished unpacking (or installing the trim on that new pergo floor...). This weekend, however, I did find a box of old CDs and took the time to encode some of Autechre's back catalog. How could I have forgotten you, Autechre?

    My friend douglas introduced me to Tri Tepetae++ somewhere in 1996 and then a few years later dragged me to a concert in the concrete bowels of Chelsea. Since then I've been a devoted fan and discovering these CDs which have been buried for a while is a great discovery. Now I have to do my best to ensure that my studio project doesn't come out in shards and obliques


    • Alexander Bohn

      you like autechre, you might want to check out arovane, particularly if you like the earlier stuff. it sounds sort of what they would have sounded like if they hadn't got into max/msp, I think.


      Oct 10, 04 10:32 pm  · 
      badass japanese cookie

      i'm a devoted fan of autechre. you should check out gescom and stuff from skam records. as for their album designs... my favorite one so far is for Amber. Heaven!

      Oct 10, 04 11:42 pm  · 

      autechrae rocks!
      try shpongle, plastikman, too.

      Oct 11, 04 2:03 am  · 
      bryan boyer

      I have a gescom Minidisc and at least one of the Skam releases. For my money, though, Tri Repetae and Incubanala are where it's at. Maybe Amber is a close 3rd? Will try to track down some arovane.

      Oct 11, 04 3:57 am  · 

      Pan Sonic is where its at ! check it out bryan... if you can't fins info on them ring me up at the 4th tray

      Oct 11, 04 4:33 am  · 

      Autechre rules, particularly "Incunabla." I also have been enjoying, The Knife (best new band of the 21st century period), Aphex Twin, Trentemoller and Gridlock.

      Sep 22, 07 11:24 pm  · 

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