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    A cactus, a field trip, and the beginnings of a model

    By bryan boyer
    Oct 2, '04 7:13 PM EST

    Before the semester started I invested in a Mammillaria Fragilis cactus from the flowershop in harvard square. I try to always have some kind of plant on my desk and this year I chose a cactus due to my failure to maintain a regular watering schedule with previous, more needy plants. The working theory is that every time a new flower opens on this cactus I'll have a breakthrough. So far we're 1 for 3.

    somewhere near charles MGH

    curb crit

    Our drawing class only meets once a week and so far both times we've taken minor field trips. Twenty students tromping around the T with drawing boards can be a little interesting, but it's nice to get out of Gund Hall.

    tray ceiling

    There are two kinds of desks at the GSD: those under the trays and those under the canopy. I happen to sit at the very edge of the bottom tray which affords me a nice view of the ant farm (forthcoming) and the sky but it also means my buttmate and I are subject to the drafty whims of the leaky ceiling above our heads. Apparently the leaking problem has been mostly taken care of, but I did feel one small drop of water during the storms last week.

    lonely lobby

    The lobby on a friday night (there's usually an exhibition here, so it's not typically this spare).

    drawing/drafting tools

    When moving from Providence to Cambridge I lost only one small box: the one that contained all of my drafting and model making supplies! Perhaps this is a peculiarity of my personality, but in architecture one develops a close relationship to their supplies so you can imagine how heartbroken I was. Once I found a place to buy those pentel pencils locally things got better. Besides, now I'm much better organized. We'll see how long that lasts.


    Now, let's build something.

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