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    By bryan boyer
    Jan 13, '05 5:57 PM EST

    While in theory it seems nice to have studio final crit before the finals for all of our other classes-- thus letting us focus on history papers and drawings assignments and such-- in reality it's not so great to be back in Boston right now.

    The spring semester doesn't officially start until the beginning of February so there wont be much in the way of activity here for a while. We've actually been having thesis reviews this week and I would have been posting images but my camera, along with my laptop and cellphone, were stolen while I was in San Francisco. So that sucks.


    • archetecton

      wow that's a real problem! sorry to hear about your equipment. i hope it was insured, or at least backed up. Willthe school help you in some way?

      Jan 13, 05 6:38 pm  · 

      I'm sorry to hear about your stuff, I really enjoy your blog and the pictures. Did your whole bag get stolen or something (apropos

      Jan 17, 05 12:07 am  · 

      whoops, i didn't notice you updated the posting. sorry to hear it.

      Jan 17, 05 12:10 am  · 

      like all others, i am sorry to hear that your goods got stolen. but, one good thing is you still have your talents with you and no one can steal that away ;)
      keep up the good work bryan, i think your blog and your website is terrific.

      Jan 17, 05 9:01 pm  · 

      Enjoying your blogs...I've applied... now waiting! It feels like it is taking forever-which it is!
      Any advice for for a construction student? My undergrad was construction and I have been working for 6 years in the construction industry, but have always wanted to be on the design side.

      Jan 18, 05 9:10 pm  · 
      bryan boyer

      tiny- a solid knowledge of how things are actually built will be a great advantage for you, though sometimes it seems like a little momentary suspension of reason results in great breakthroughs. It's more about engineering than construction, but you may enjoy the book Informal by Cecil Balmond if you're not already familiar with his work. good luck with your applications!

      Jan 18, 05 9:31 pm  · 

      Thanks for the info-I'll look in to that.
      Any insight on how Admissions makes their decision of accepting students?

      Jan 19, 05 12:33 pm  · 
      bryan boyer

      Last time I checked they index all applicants by favorite song, preferred sock color, height, and 2nd letter of your first name...

      Jan 19, 05 1:11 pm  · 

      Damn- I forgot to include my preferred sock color in my portfolio...

      Jan 19, 05 2:36 pm  · 

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