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    Rectangular Objects

    By bryan boyer
    Mar 3, '05 4:36 PM EST

    ML brought a fancy hotpot that boils water faster than I knew it could be boiled. Tea is saving me a good chunk of cash previously flowing straight to Starbucks.

    This weekend I sent off a few things via Fedex via this drop box halfway between school and my house. Bryan ♥ Fedex.


    • sssimon

      very lovely photo sir.

      Mar 3, 05 4:56 pm  · 

      unrelated general question about GSD:

      Do most people live in studio? How much sleep do most people average throughout the semester? Do other classes take up much time or is most spent in studio? Do you have lives outside of school?

      Me, 4th year undergrad?
      almost, 5-5.5 (3 pre-finals), most in studio, only on weekends

      Mar 3, 05 5:42 pm  · 

      Neither the hotpot not the fedex drop-box are divided vertically in the Golden Ratio!
      I, for one, welcome your obvious crusade against Phi.

      Mar 3, 05 6:14 pm  · 
      bryan boyer

      dillup- right now most first year students are taking a class in wood construction that has been eating our time quite a bit. Many are also taking a digital media introductory class and I've heard some comments about it taking too much time as well, though I can't speak from personal experience.

      I average one real-deal* up-for-two-days all nighter a week, and it seems like maybe a quarter of our class does the same. Most nights there are a lot of people here until 1-2am but it begins to die off fairly rapidly after that. Also somewhat common is working all night until 8 or 9am and then going home to sleep for a bit before studio which starts at 2pm.

      * There's an interesting discussion around how people classify 'all nighters'. Do you have to be up for a certain number of hours? Just work through the night? How does it work at your school?

      Mar 3, 05 6:26 pm  · 

      "AVERAGE" one all-nighter a week? ouch!

      btw, any insights on how application reviews are going?

      Mar 3, 05 7:38 pm  · 
      bryan boyer

      I happen to know that apps were reviewed last week because my studio critic is on the committee... no clue when letters are going out.

      The fact that I avg. one all nighter a week is probably more a commentary on my poor time management than the level of work. Certainly, there is a lot to do, but there are plenty of people who get it done in normal hours.

      Mar 3, 05 7:42 pm  · 

      During undergrad, an all-nighter was just that. Working thru the night, probably into the early morning hours then returning to studio or another class after a few (2-3) hours of sleep.

      Repeat as many times as needed, or as long as your body can sustain the pain.

      Mar 3, 05 11:24 pm  · 

      My definition of an all-nighter is working straight through until at least 7 a.m. The "true" all-nighter though is working through the day too with no rest. I've done it on presentation days and I don't think I was entirely coherent for my crit.

      Mar 4, 05 1:10 am  · 

      "all-nighter" at UFlorida: similar to dillup, staying up all night and through the next day, going to sleep at a reasonable time the following night. Modified versions include the 1-3 hour nap before studio or the immediate post studio pass out.

      Mar 4, 05 1:37 am  · 

      a few teachers (2-3 tops) at UF kick students out the night before a final or mid-term crit to insure well-rested presenters. Students usually honor it, but I had one class where 2 of 15 returned to work an hour later and it was obvious the next day when everyone else was energetic and they were fighting to stay awake

      Mar 4, 05 1:40 am  · 
      David Cuthbert

      if you going to take one in the chin (all-nighter) one doesn't cut it, nor sleeping through the crit the next day. Stay awake listen to the (drool) comments being made not just about your work but about the others in the studio. Its important - its how you learn...loss of sleep creates genius (buh hah hah) and if you don't believe me check Mau's manifesto

      off (need a nap!)

      Mar 4, 05 7:05 am  · 

      I once stayed awake for 56 hours straight, only taking breaks to eat, and go to the was rough

      Mar 4, 05 12:18 pm  · 

      I think to officially qualify as an all-nighter, you must remain awake until at least 6 pm the following day.

      I'm confused by people who leave studio at 7 am and sleep for 3 hours at home. why not go home at midnight, then wake up at say 4 am? at least you kepp some semblance of a regular schedule that way.

      Mar 4, 05 12:22 pm  · 

      i've done the 56hrs straight before too. then slept for 18hrs straight. =)

      Mar 4, 05 2:04 pm  · 

      I think people stay awake until 7 because they fear that if they go home they probably won't wake up in time to finish what they had to do. I'd rather go to sleep knowing that most of my work is done and if i over sleep it won't be such a big deal (unless I miss the crit of course!)

      Mar 5, 05 1:24 pm  · 

      all nighter...all nighter! straight to uni for the presentation afterwards, just pray ypu're going first.

      don't you guys find that sleeping 2/3 hours is worst than no sleep at all?

      Mar 6, 05 3:34 pm  · 
      Derek Lindner

      I'd have thought you'd have a Jasper Morrison Rowenta electric kettle by now!

      Mar 9, 05 10:37 am  · 

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