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    Run, Run As Fast As You Can!

    By bryan boyer
    Dec 22, '04 6:13 PM EST

    With our final crit for core studio yesterday the semester feels like it's officially over. But it's not. Harvard has this awkward schedule where you have final studio crits before the holiday break but then come back and have final classes and such in January.

    After the crit last night we went out for dinner and drinks, then for post dinner drinks, then for post drink drinks, and that's when my memory starts to get hazzy. Waking up for a lunch meeting downtown was a bit rough.

    As a mid-charette study break Student Forum provided donuts and coffee last weekend. They also picked up the tab for a team of professional masseuses who were here giving free massages at some point over the weekend. A bit posh for my tastes, but seemed to be a popular perk.

    In the hours leading up to the final crit things got a little crazy and people started to pour out of their desks and into the halls. It's 4x4 modelmaking.

    After the reviews were over we were asked to bring the presentation materials from all three of our project this semester and set them in piles in the auditorium so the studio critics could collectively grade them. The resulting sea of work-- only half full here-- was quite impressive. There's a larger version available.

    Have a nice break, dear reader, and I'll be back in a couple weeks.


    • mobarchitecture

      nice series of images in the lecture hall. the purple chairs look good.

      Dec 22, 04 10:37 pm  · 


      Thanks for keeping this great blog up. Many other participants were a little thin on entries. It has been an exellent motivator and preparation for my applications to grad school. I hoe you keep up the good work. Have a great vacation!

      Dec 27, 04 10:16 am  · 

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