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    By bryan boyer
    Dec 13, '05 8:37 PM EST

    We're down to 7 days till final review. Last night I drew out some sketch elevations and tightened the plans. As usual, I haven't gotten as far as I would have liked with this project. Have you ever been truly happy with the level of resolution of a studio project?

    EH came through studio a couple weeks ago brandishing a bottle of whiskey and forcing everyone to drink with him. Life is tough. LB cast a banana in rubber: Creepy.

    Graffiti on my model desk. There are a lot of marks from classes-past around here. In one of the halls I found an access panel stuffed with magazines from the 70s and old models. Anyone else find caches of old work in their buildings?

    The joy of floor-area calcs.

    Are these models spawning?

    Spent a good chunk of thanksgiving designing, printing, and binding a portfolio for one of my professors... Turned out nice, but that and another project knocked me out of my rhythm and I've been struggling to regain it.

    Apologies to whomever actually took this photo-- I stole it from our network-- but it's been very, very cold lately and also snowing. Harvard, you have enough money, why don't you relocate to somewhere better?


    • Francisco David Boira

      Bryan I was there about a month ago (thnx giving break), sunny clear skies but f**ing cold as hell! Loved the building(s), and it was quite funny to see students starting to show up in studio with a guilty trip on their faces. Perhaps they had too much gravy and drinks during the small break.
      Nice. When I was at Columbia we had no breaks and I think the "tradition" still carries on.
      BTW: The guy next to me is a former Harvard Graduate, Ivan Rupnik (one of my best buddies).

      Dec 13, 05 9:52 pm  · 

      Hey, think of chicago, you should feel very good about your Weather and the Giants.

      Dec 14, 05 2:17 pm  · 

      bryan, you make march look so pretty...

      Dec 15, 05 1:44 am  · 

      have u used the ipod as a ruler?
      more posts from bryan! more posts!

      Dec 15, 05 2:55 am  · 
      bryan boyer

      I suppose that's just a coincidental photograph... it's mostly a memory stick for me. Though, yes, I have used it to draw a straight line before. The shuffle has nice hard edges for that.

      Dec 15, 05 3:00 am  · 

      learn to apprietiate the 4 distinct seasons. Snow and cold is good for the soul, and getting indoor work done.

      Dec 16, 05 11:27 am  · 
      bryan boyer


      Dec 16, 05 12:10 pm  · 

      Provocative question about the caches of old work. When I left ('89), I left two objects behind:

      1. A full scale reproduction of a FLW textile (usonian house) block in cast concrete, made for a seminar with Dan Schodek. It was heavy, so I think it kicked around the trays for a while before someone worked up the commitment to remove it. I think the wooden form (assembled with hinges) for the block was left in the basement of one of my lodgings--either 7 Lewis Street or 33 (31?) Dimmick Street.

      2. Diving Pavillion model (Noel Michael McKinnell studio, second year) with insanely anal space frame roof, relic of my WORST REVIEW EVER, the one I thought was going to get me kicked out of school. I found a locker in the basement with a jammed lock. I unjammed it, wedged the accursed model (chip and bass) into the locker and jammed it shut. Too dreadful to keep, to labor intensive to destroy. One for the file of shame, or a time capsule, or entombment.

      If you have come across either of these, mystery solved.

      Dec 7, 07 6:27 pm  · 

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