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    Elite Modeling School { Special Stairs Edition! }

    By bryan boyer
    Mar 16, '08 7:43 AM EST

    Dear internet,

    I'm sick of making stairs and auditorium risers by hand in Rhino. Easy enough if you're working with a continuous width per tread/riser but when you want to step an irregular plan shape it becomes a nightmare of trimming and clean up. No more!

    As per my usual warnings, this script is provided totally and completely without warranty. In fact, since I'm a little preoccupied with making stairs on every inclined plane in my rhino model, I'll have even less time that usual to respond to problems. Lucky for you, dear archinecter, we have a community of helpful people who are here to assist you in resolving any problems that may or may not arise from these scripts (or what will surely be your newfound love and appreciation for irregularly plan shaped stairs).

    To get the goods, go to here and download riserMaker.rvb. Once you've done that all you need to do is load 'er up in Rhino and follow the prompts.


    The click order is something along the lines of the sequence in this image. Basically, the script is asking you to define a line that marks the bottom of the stringers and a riser height. With that info it makes all the stair wedges.

    Wouldn't it be nice is you could input a riser height or a tread depth (like the venerable stair tool in Good Ole Form Z)? Yes, it would. But you can't. Not until someone else takes this script and adds that feature. Game?


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      thank god someone at the gsd figured that out! miles above yale.

      Mar 16, 08 5:44 pm  · 

      Bryan what happened to your website? i was always anticipating the next newspaper spread!

      Mar 16, 08 7:00 pm  · 

      I keep getting an error here

      len1 = Abs((riserHeight * Rhino.CurveLength(line1)) / yDomain1)

      Mar 16, 08 11:20 pm  · 

      Hi bryan,

      I have never learned how to write rhinoscripts or even install for use..

      any good links or information on how to accomplish this would be really appreciated ..thnx in advance


      Mar 17, 08 12:39 am  · 

      I have no use for Rhino, much less how to use it. But I think this idea is brilliant - so much of software/design time is wasted trying to figure out how to do something in the program that you could draw. Alas bryan is bridging the gap.

      with continued interest...and a small desire to try it myself

      Mar 17, 08 10:36 am  · 

      The best resource for rhinoscript is by David Rutten :

      RhinoScript 101

      Mar 17, 08 6:08 pm  · 

      Thnx beefeaters, I am going to go over it..

      Mar 18, 08 12:32 am  · 

      graduate school at harvard... where you learn many things including how to become an elite stair modeler. the industry is coping with the reality of globalization, and our finest institutions educate software intellectuals.

      Mar 21, 08 3:09 am  · 
      bryan boyer

      dtb, they also teach us how to draw the finest IBC handrails you've ever seen. How's that for globalization!

      Mar 21, 08 3:20 pm  · 

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