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    Candy Rains from the Sky

    By bryan boyer
    Oct 15, '04 4:58 PM EST

    We're about a third of the way through the semester and one weekend away from the final crit of our first project. So far Sergeant Stienberg's studio (don't kill me if you read this, Marco) has been dominating the late night hours with generally more people here than the other groups. The verdict is still out on whether this is because we are not as productive or because we have more required deliverables. Probably both.

    computer umbrella
    Studiomate L.F. gets inventive with a way to block the afternoon sun from her laptop screen.

    fall at the carpenter center
    Fall comes to the Carpenter Center

    So many people working in such proximity combined with the drop in temperatures as we descend into Fall has caused a bout of the cold to be passed around studio. My own battle with this has resulted in random watering of the eyes which makes me look like my project is going so horribly that I've been reduced to tears. No decision yet on whether I will deploy this tactic in my final review on Monday.

    The only tissues I could find in my apt were from a past trip to Italy. I love Dimeglio

    Of course, drinking is not a great way to help your immune system but if you balance it without enough orange juice maybe net-net everything is OK? Besides, studiomate N.Z. decided to implement Beer Culture Appreciation Thursdays wherein he will bring a new Milwaukee microbrew to studio every week. However, the local liquor stores failed to provide so we're making some substitutions.

    drinking and drafting
    Can I write a caption more trite than "drinking and drafting"?

    Sickness combined with the requirements of an impending deadline mostly serve to fortify my procrastination skills. Apparently this is manifested as a sort of indecision since H.H. took it upon herself to create this handy-dandy way figuring out exactly which state of mind I'm in.

    Roll the die to predict your mood

    Other people procrastinate by taking extended cigarette breaks. Sitting by the terrace on the 2nd floor means that we're in the path of the Cancer March.

    cigs stuck in the wall
    Students on break explore the development of a new material: Cigarette impregnated concrete.

    If there is a way to judge the productivity in our studio, however, it's by looking at the mass of museum board scraps, empty snack boxes, and leaves of trace piling up between our desks. Every week my buttmate and I sweep away the scraps and a new, larger pile grows in its place.

    view of the trays

    Tuesday night this usual mix of model and drawing supplies was suddenly decorated with candy raining from the sky. Buttmate B.B. and I had just taken a break to eat dinner in The Pit when I saw a line of people shuffle out to the edge of on of the upper trays and begin chanting "M.ARCH I's you have 10 seconds to clear your desks." We have nothing if not fortuitous timing since our dinner break saved us from a mad scramble to avoid getting beaned in the head with a barrage of lollipops, bubble gum, Kit Kats, and, oddly, gummy hamburgers. There were also a fair amount of paper airplanes folded out of Blowfish which seems to be a relic of the famed "cone Wars" of the GSD's history. All in all it was entertaining and certainly woke everyone up for a little bit. The candy rain was followed by a good bit of socializing between first years and upperclassmen and of course further sugarslinging. There is, apparently, further business to attend to on Sunday night.

    model filled with candy


    • Reverb

      I thought this post was going to be about the mid 90's hit "CandyRain" by pop/r&b sensation Soul 4 Real.

      Tell me someone knows what I'm talking about....

      <img src=><br />

      Oct 15, 04 6:00 pm  · 

      Last year, Marco's studio also worked the longest hours, both because we were more productive _and_ because we were more social. "Sergeant Steinberg" is funny.

      Your room isn't hidden. I can see the Double Bubble in it!

      Oct 15, 04 6:19 pm  · 

      Oct 15, 04 7:04 pm  · 

      I loved those guys! Soul 4 Real was the tenth grade jam!

      Oct 16, 04 2:57 am  · 
      bryan boyer

      Joke's on you jbc, there is no hidden room in that scheme! Oh wait, that means the joke's on me.

      Oct 16, 04 2:35 pm  · 

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