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    No foam, no algebra

    By bryan boyer
    Feb 23, '05 3:06 PM EST
    crazy loft thing

    After spending some time working on functional code to modify the way lofting works in C4d, I began pursuing some more frivolous pursuits. The following images were generated by lofting together randomly generated splines. There's more information and a brief code sample on my site.

    While these experiments currently have no architectural use, I'm finding that more and more my project folders are being dotted with little bits of code here and there. It's outrightly satisfying to put parts of my old life as a software developer to use in the world of architecture. Writing code in a normal development environment is neat, but writing code inside a 3d app is even better because the results are much more exciting. More importantly, however, it's a bit freeing to know that if you don't like the way a piece of software is working you can probably change it.


    • MADianito

      mmhhh bryan...

      "...While these experiments currently have no architectural use..." u never know.... u should read IJP the book of surfaces published by the AA...

      but looks great as a research phase too....

      Feb 23, 05 5:10 pm  · 
      bryan boyer

      mad- that book costs something like $90 US so I had to pass on it when I say it in the bookshop. Need to check the library, I guess.

      Feb 23, 05 5:49 pm  · 

      I know those images are not for school, but I wish we were taught how to create and manipulate a form like that. Even if we try and establish a theory or architectural system behind an interesting form, we would get crucified. That image.....which my professor beliefs isn’t an architectural very provocative. Keep building Bry

      Feb 23, 05 5:57 pm  · 

      Hey Guys

      Is this the book, it's under $30 bucks on amazon

      Whenever I hear of a book I can usually find a used copy on amazon or



      Feb 23, 05 8:08 pm  · 
      bryan boyer

      Bill- $26 for a new copy, no less! But it takes 3-5 weeks to ship. Thanks for the heads up.

      Feb 23, 05 11:58 pm  · 

      90 us??? damned exhange rates!!!....wont be easier/cheaper if u order it directly from the AA bookshop??? (23.50 pounds with shippment included)

      Feb 24, 05 6:46 am  · 

      just look at Liaropoulos-Legendre's website:

      I don't think there's a lot of architecturally-relevant thinking behind this stuff; it's geometric mysticism.

      Feb 26, 05 8:33 am  · 
      bryan boyer

      Actually theo it's not even geometric mysticism. As I mentioned above, it's purely a distraction. The forms are the result of entirely random splines drawn by some simple code that I wrote. If anything it's an exercise in editing and aesthetics.

      Feb 26, 05 9:03 am  · 

      I was referring to a lack of thinking behind the IJP stuff, not your work.
      sorry for the misunderstanding -- that must have come across as a rather blunt criticism!
      enjoying your blog a lot.

      Feb 26, 05 9:58 am  · 

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