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    Enter The City of Wood

    By bryan boyer
    Mar 15, '05 4:14 AM EST

    After a weekend spent dotting out a Morse Code of sleep-eat-sleep-sleep-eat, Monday brings another long night in studio. Tonight's assignment: the City of Wood final project. We've been drawing details all semester and now we must construct models, both physical and digital. I wish my City of Wood included a little wooden construction crew.

    Survey of cups from last week's final studio charette. Without meaning to I think I ended up with drinks from most of Harvard Square's cafes.


    • bigness

      bryan, what camera do you use?

      Mar 15, 05 8:03 am  · 
      bryan boyer

      nikon 4500 mostly... there are a few pics on the site from last semester that were shot with a casio exlim s3.

      Mar 15, 05 8:54 am  · 

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