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    Zombie Eyes

    By bryan boyer
    Nov 2, '07 7:28 PM EST

    Last night I was in Providence, RI working in the Graduate Graphic Design studio down there with a friend who is doing the identity for the Space Rocks! event. It was nice to be back at RISD for a bit, but it always sucks to be up all night. So here's the question, what do you call it when you've spent all night awake? I call it being a "zombie." One of my classmates calls it "wasteoid." What are the sleep deprived walking un-dead called at your school?

    As promised, here's a bit more information about Space Rocks!. Here's a snip from the statement on our website:

    We're interested in how people communicate ideas about space. As spatial ideas seep more and more into popular culture, this event is a way to think about the construction and representation of spaces in both 2 and 3 dimensions. SPACE ROCKS! is an event- we'd hate to condem it to the status of a symposium- that will attempt to illuminate the productive overlaps between architecture and related art and design disciplines.

    The event format will be a series of individual presentations followed by two round table discussions. We're excited to be welcoming some awesomely talented people. Check the list of speakers for links to their work if you're not familiar with it already.

    Finally, this event will be free and open to the public! If you're in town for the Harvard Open House, stay for the symposium. We're also close enough to NYC that you can pop up for the day. Of course, all you Harvard and MIT people have no excuse to skip this event!



    • Liebchen

      Wow! I saw you outside the BEB this morning. I was thinking, "that dude looks like Bryan Boyer from Archinect." But you looked a little cyber punked, so I didn't say anything.

      So nice to not meet you.

      Nov 2, 07 9:11 pm  · 
      bryan boyer

      How random! I was totally out of it, but next time say hello. I don't actually eat brains.

      Nov 3, 07 12:34 am  · 
      Arjun Bhat

      that looks pretty interesting bb, i'll hopefully be able to hop the T and make it over.

      i believe the term we used for people who had pulled repeated all nighters was something to the tune of, "fucking gone ..."

      Nov 4, 07 11:40 am  · 


      Nov 4, 07 7:34 pm  · 

      "fried" "freakin' fried" "totally fried" "studio damaged"

      Only discovered your blog this week. Interesting to note how much things have changed, and how much not, since my commencement in '89 (Benazir Bhutto spoke). We had a conventional darkroom in the basement. Long gone, I'm sure. I did my work study in the woodshop, which I imagine is quite different now. The shower stall in the basement? Just as I remember it. I've made recent comments below some of your earlier entries. Perhaps you get notified when a new comment appears, even below a two-year-old entry.

      I'm posting this under your last entry, assuming that is where you are most likely to encounter it. A few questions come to mind:

      Does Dan Schodek (a favorite of mine) still teach the core structures course out of his venerable book? I brought my copy back when I passed through in '95 and he obliged me with an autograph.

      Does the basketball half-court dedicated to David B. Perini still exist in the back yard of the GSD? The whole area seemed to be under construction in an aerial I saw on the internet, so perhaps there is no back yard. When I was a student, it was a grassy lawn. Nice for barbecues and games of ultimate [frisbee]. David and I were flatmates at 7 Lewis Street in Somerville when I was in Options and he was a first year. I saw him last when he served as a guest critic for my Disco section in Summer '89. A great guy, a great loss to all of us privileged to know him as a friend. The half-court was designed by some of his '91 classmates and dedicated in the early '90's.

      Finally, I know from your blog that you have been a TA, but haven't read anything about Career Discovery. Are you planning to teach it? Aside from the quality and diversity of fellow MArchI students, Disco was one of the main reasons I chose the GSD. At the end of my experience as a Disco student in Summer '84 (strains of Laura Branigan), I made a goal of returning to teach the program some day. Five years later, I did. Unquestionably one of the two or three most rewarding experiences of my time at the GSD.

      Dec 7, 07 5:36 pm  · 

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