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    Plotting A Steady Course

    By bryan boyer
    Nov 13, '04 9:01 AM EST

    While I liked the second project quite a bit, it truly exhausted my mental and physical faculties and I'm glad that it's now over. The focus of the three pronged bridge was basically to build a large model. Being in Marco's studio this means a large, well crafted, not-any-kind-of-paper-product model. The average amount spent on materials in our studio is somewhere in the $70-$80 range, leaving me on a steady diet of ramen for the rest of the month. In the end, however, it was worth it and seeing the collection of great models was worth it. I'll try to post some images after people document their work.

    Good thing Utrecht is so close to the GSD. At one point I think I made 3 trips in the same day to the basswood aisle.

    Those of you who came to the open house may have seen tape art installations all over Gund Hall. These were our final projects for Kelly Wilson's drawing class: create a new space by drawing it in perspective onto the wall so of the GSD. Essentially an exercise in anamorphosis, I enjoyed it as an interesting final assignment for a more normative* drawing class.

    Laying down construction with white string

    Yesterday we piled into the War Room (it looks like some sort of military briefing area) to hear about our third and final project of the semester. This one is called-- wait for it-- TRIPOD BUILDING. I was quite excited for the Small Regional Airport which used to be the third project, but apparently the studio faculty liked the results from the triangular bridge so much that they decided to switch this one as well. The brief is to design a building that rests on top of three given buildings and touches each one in a different manner: one for primary entrance, one for secondary egress, and one for access to a roof garden. Really, the brief is kind of absurd but sounds like it may be interesting to work on. More as this develops.

    Classmate LB's cutout squirrel pops up here and there for brief comedic interludes-- something we need a lot of lately.

    *This entry brought to you by the word "normative", another GSD favorite quickly becoming my own bad habit.

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