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    It's Not Our Fault!*

    By bryan boyer
    Nov 3, '04 3:19 AM EST
    *First of all, let me say that I am not trying to jinx anything here, but if it happens just please know that it's not our fault. See below.

    I was surprised to find a row of ameri-striped cloth booths sitting in the Pit a few days ago. They looked oddly like voting stations, but surely it must be some sort of art installation. One of those thesis-preppers with a little too much time on their hands?

    Hottt Voting Action!

    As it turns out, they were the real deal: that's right, you could vote for president in the comfort of Gund Hall. Quite convenient unless you were one of the people that the volunteers gruffly sent to a different polling place due to registration issues. One would think that berating individuals because they didn't know which poll to show up at is not the most productive way to participate in democracy, but apparently voting procedures fall under the same category as road signage in the Boston area: confusing as hell.

    Of the 554 people who voted at the Gund Hall public poll 474 voted for Kerry, 65 for Bush, and 15 for other candidates including write-ins.

    This is going to be a tense few days until the official counts are tallied up.


    • MADianito

      i think (and its my very personal opinion of a policy of a country which is not even mine, and because of that i hope my words wont matter too much but) the whole american electoral system is way too confussing and weird...the thing of diff states and their diff point they give...wont be easier if it just be # of people against # of people?? anyways...good luck (world)...

      Nov 3, 04 5:36 am  · 

      MADianito, Bush has won the popular vote as well. Electoral votes are a little confusing, but I think that there are too many problems with solely using a popular vote.

      Nov 3, 04 10:27 am  · 

      mmhhh well i dunno, everywhere else is just popular vote isn't it?? (i mean other countries), and yes i know he won popular vote this time, but was a diff story 4 years before...anyway...god bless all!!!!

      Nov 3, 04 12:46 pm  · 

      The electoral college is used so that every state has some say in the presidential election. If you had a one vote = one person voting system. I think California, New York, etc would always dictate national policy. Even if you agree with their opinions, it would start to alienate a lot of people. Not that we aren't alienated now...

      I am all for breaking the electoral votes into precentages, like the proposal that failed in Colorado. I think it would give Republicans an even greater stronghold though. Being that there were very few states that Democrats one with a huge majority.

      ack! Politics suck, but what can you do?

      Nov 9, 04 12:27 pm  · 

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