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    That Time of Year Again

    By bryan boyer
    Apr 26, '06 5:41 PM EST

    Yes, final reviews are a mere thirteen days away. What am I doing with my time? Photographing the collection of beverage containers collecting on my desk. What's your favorite procrastination technique?


    Random, unexplained diagram. The best kind.


    • sporadic supernova

      how often do you pee ? .. :) .. my guess is ... very often!!

      Apr 27, 06 7:35 am  · 

      Favourite procrastination technique.. switch on my computer and organise folders...slowly..making back-up copies.. deleting those auto-save files...

      Apr 27, 06 8:21 am  · 

      favorite procrastination technique:
      making random, unexplained diagrams.

      Apr 27, 06 8:26 am  · 

      For procrastination, nothing beats a game of Zuma or Monkey Solitaire on my computer.

      Or, surfing archinect, of course.

      Or, if I'm feeling guilty about at least being productive while procrastinating, I will usually engage in some sort of organizational task: filing, cleaning old papers off desk, purging old magazines, clothes, books, etc. from shelves.

      Apr 27, 06 10:51 am  · 

      Most recent procrastination technique: download the old shareware version of Doom. Google for cheat codes.

      Nothing more useless than shooting bad polygon demons.


      Apr 27, 06 1:34 pm  · 

      Favorite procrastination technique: make careful, detailed to-do lists, including traditional timewasters like Wikipedia and news blogs. This way at least something gets crossed off. At least there's a little surge of accomplished smugness.

      Apr 27, 06 8:27 pm  · 

      Frisbee on the front lawn of the Architecture building > that ones my favorite

      Practicing golf swing on the front lawn

      leaving comments on Archinect school blogs

      Apr 27, 06 9:49 pm  · 

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