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    Ladies and Gentlemen, the Egg has Landed (and Vanished)

    By bryan boyer
    Dec 7, '04 10:00 AM EST

    As part of the 40th anniversary celebration of the Carpenter Center, artist Pierre Huyghe was comissioned to develop a project in honor of the building and Le Corbusier. While the project was officially a collaboration between many parties at Harvard, GSD faculty member Michael Meredith and a group of students were primarily responsible for hatching a moss covered egg which would serve as the temporary auditorium and stage for Huyghe's production: a self-referential, semiotic romp through the history of the building and the psyche of its architect played out in the form of a puppet show. Although the egg has now been removed (forcibly and with the aid of chainsaws), the video is on display in the Carpenter Center's Sert Cafe/Gallery until April 17th.

    More on this later, but for now enjoy these images of the completed egg and a few snaps of the show:

    Thanks to Elliot Hodges for the images.


    • douglasprc

      I'm having a BJM flashback... surreal.

      Dec 8, 04 7:07 pm  · 

      i saw this being constructed when i visited in November, and i have to admit that i was skeptical and a little dismissive whatching the moss fall off the foam panels and seeing the number and size of gaps between the diamonds. It appears that all of these issues were solved and the result is brilliant. Well dont to everyone who had a hand in its design and especially its realization.

      Dec 12, 04 11:15 am  · 

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