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    Goodbye Sweden, Cambridge; Hello San Francisco, London!

    By bryan boyer
    Jun 3, '05 2:09 AM EST

    Student Forum sponsored three days of free massages during finals. I did not partake.

    The semester has been over for weeks (?) and I'm just now starting to recover. Lots of ice cream and sleeping in until noon every day have helped this process immensely.

    At least we only had to pay them $100+/hr for their "skilled labor."

    Although the Swedish cloud was designed so that it could be disassembled and reinstalled in a new location (the exhibition it was part of is going on tour), thanks to the ever-so-delicate hands of our mandatory union laborers the entire thing ended up in the dumpster. Goodbye, Sweden.

    We had the cherry picker run over it for good measure.

    The exhibitions dept. at the GSD is preparing the end of the year show which gives all graduating students a chance to show off their work.

    This desk has supposedly been cleared out for the end of the semester.

    Clean out in the trays happened much quicker than I expected. So quick, in fact, that someone availed themselves of my little Casio digital camera. Though I have no job right now, my summer is most likely going to be spent in San Francisco where I have an interview on monday. For the month of August, however, I'm very excited to be in London doing some research on site at the John Soane Museum as the 2005 Soane Foundation graduate fellow. Thanks for reading and have a nice summer.

    J.M. Gandy's watercolor rendition of the Soane house breakfast room in November of 1825 just before four mirrors were added to the corners of the central vault. This, among other renovations, will be the focus of my investigation in August.

    One last image that I'd had sitting around waiting to post. These are steel negatives found in the fabricator's yard while I was waiting for the Sweden pieces to be waterjet cut.


    • Oana S.

      nice pics. as always.

      Jun 3, 05 4:37 am  · 


      Jun 3, 05 8:54 pm  · 
      Mason White

      hey bryan - who was the fabricator?

      Jun 3, 05 10:07 pm  · 
      bryan boyer

      David Durgin of Mainly Metals in Bristol, VT. Reeeeemote, but it worked well for us. All of the waterjets we called in the Boston area refused to even try cutting polygal because of its cellular nature.

      Jun 4, 05 5:57 pm  · 

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