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    Current Strategy

    By bryan boyer
    Dec 20, '05 4:26 AM EST

    The current strategy is: drink so much water that the need to urniate urinate keeps me awake.


    • myriam

      that one works pretty well. also, do what air force pilots do: tickle the roof of your mouth with your tongue.

      Dec 20, 05 9:20 am  · 
      liberty bell

      I hear sucking on a lemon is the secret truck drivers use.

      Good luck bryan!

      Dec 20, 05 9:43 am  · 
      liberty bell

      Umm, on a slice of lemon, I mean. The tart acid juice is what you're after. Please don't asphyxiate trying to inhale a whole lemon.

      Dec 20, 05 9:45 am  · 
      brian buchalski

      i thought maybe "urniate" was some kind of fetish that i wasn't familiar with...but after a quick google search it simply appears that many people have to piss so badly that they fail to spell correctly

      Dec 20, 05 10:10 am  · 

      you know what works best: get some sleep!!!!!!

      Dec 20, 05 1:08 pm  · 

      i agree with +q
      get some sleep you'll end up working waaay much better than when you're up all night!

      Dec 20, 05 1:34 pm  · 

      on the other hand, lack of sleep gives you ultravision.

      Dec 20, 05 1:55 pm  · 

      Dec 20, 05 2:06 pm  · 

      there ya go

      Dec 20, 05 3:27 pm  · 

      I remember once towards the beginning of my education I didnt sleep for 3 days straight. I was tripping badly, I saw things in the trees, I could literally see the wind move all around me. I didnt like it, and now try to sleep at least 4-5 hours a night no matter what.

      Dec 20, 05 3:58 pm  · 

      Man I used to get so pissed at the people who said "you should get some sleep!!" to me when projects were due. Fuckers.

      Dec 20, 05 4:50 pm  · 
      Stewart Hicks

      No kidding. Especially the fact that it's coming from someone who is applying to schools right now.

      Dec 20, 05 5:40 pm  · 

      yeah but I was in grad school just last year.
      I did my share of all nighters until I figured out they are a huge waste of time. I get more done when I sleep, thats all im saying that is my HUMBLE opinion and I am sharing it in this forum.
      Plus you are putting your health on the line when you dont sleep.
      It is not a merit badge to go sleepless, its crazy and MANY times not really worth it.
      Now Ill shut my just-now-reapplying-to-grad-school trap.

      Dec 20, 05 6:31 pm  · 

      and the worst part is seeing all the fresh, moisturized, young faces of normal non-arch students as they walk to their AM classes.

      Dec 20, 05 10:48 pm  · 
      and the worst part is seeing all the fresh, moisturized, young faces of normal non-arch students as they walk to their AM classes. you're leaving studio to hunt down some sort of edible foodstuff, which you won't be able to taste and which you will listlessly chew while sort of staring at an indeterminate fixed point about 6' in front of your face (hopefully not somewhere near some chick's boobs, that's happened to me before, AWKWARD). Then you will pass more hordes of those fresh, happy, well-rested young English and Business majors when you turn right around to go to your "normal" classes without any homework in hand and wearing the same scrungy clothes you've worn for the previous 48 hours, that have bits of foamcore and chip board dust all over them, and graphite smudges from where your hands have touched yourself.

      yay! keep it up, brian! you can do it!
      Dec 21, 05 12:05 am  · 

      it's easy to stay up late if you get into it and your in "the zone." But i find that when I stay up late my sleep schedule gets all thrown off and the only time It's productive to stay up is at midterm/finals.

      Dec 21, 05 12:33 am  · 
      brian buchalski

      i hated all-nighters even though i used to habitually pull them...even so the one thing i do miss is that moment of bliss when you are finally finished with everything, ride the bus home, lay down...and just give in.

      oh, thats such a great feeling

      Dec 21, 05 10:36 am  · 

      Architects do it All Nighter!

      Dec 21, 05 1:08 pm  · 

      I find all nighters 100% unproductive. I pulled one the other week (I try to avoid them). It was so stupid. I looked at the clock and it took me 6 hours to do something that I had done in 3 hours while awake.

      There is a guy in my studio that NEVER goes home. His projects SUCK because of it and he just falls asleep at his desk all the time. It's so bad. He gets so tired that he just starts modeling stuff. His process this semester was connecting points and then lofting the lines and then using the isocurves as structure. My critic was so frustrated with him because she would tell him to get some sleep because his decision making skills were failing. He didn't get ripped at review because everyone just stared at him blankly with no expression.

      Dec 21, 05 2:48 pm  · 

      sorry i had to do it:


      1. ...the alarm clock tells you when to go to sleep.

      2.'re not ashamed of drooling in class anymore, especially in the Structures class.

      3. know what UHU tastes like.

      4. CELEBRATE space and OBSERVE your birthday.

      5. and cokes are tools, not treats.

      6. are surprised when you see a new building in your school.

      7.'ve slept more than 20 hours non-stop in a single weekend.

      8. fight with inanimate objects.

      9.'ve fallen asleep in the washroom.

      10.'re brother or sister thinks he or she is an only child.

      11.'ve listened to all your cds in less than 48 hours.

      12.'re not seen in public.

      13. lose your house keys for a week and you don't even notice.

      14.'ve brushed your teeth and washed your hair in the school's washroom.

      15.'ve used an entire role of film to photograph the sidewalk.

      16. know the exact time the vending machines are refilled.

      17. become excellent at recycling when making models.

      18. ...when you try to communicate, you make a continuous and monotonous whine.

      19.'ve danced to YMCA at 3 am and without a single drop of alcohol in your body.

      20. take notes and messages with a rapidograph and colour markers.

      21. combine breakfast, lunch and dinner into one single meal.

      22.'ve got more photographs of buildings than of actual people.

      23.'ve taken your girlfriend (boyfriend) on a date to a construction site.

      24.'ve realised that french curves are not that exciting.

      25. can live without human contact, food or daylight, but if you can't print. it's chaos.

      26. ...when youre being shown pictures of a trip, you ask what the human scale is.

      27. can use Photoshop, Illustrator and make a web page, but you don't know how to use Excel.

      28. ...You refer to great architects (dead or alive) by their first name, as if you knew them. (Frank, Corbu, Mies, Norman...)

      29. buy 50 dollar magazines that you haven't read yet.

      30. ...when someone offers you a Bic pen, you are offended.

      Dec 21, 05 3:52 pm  · 

      here's one from a friend's dad (who i think was a truck driver):

      Pinch a $100 bill between your thumb and index finger. Hold your hand out the window. If you fall asleep, you lose the money.

      ...don't see any ways go get that to work in studio though.

      Dec 21, 05 9:56 pm  · 
      here's one from a friend's dad (who i think was a truck driver):

      Pinch a $100 bill between your thumb and index finger. Hold your hand out the window. If you fall asleep, you lose the money.

      damn, that hundy would've come in handy as his truck drives off the road and bursts into flames ;)

      real truck drivers stay awake with speed.
      Dec 22, 05 12:45 am  · 
      David Cuthbert

      the urinating trick works - but after about the 2 or 3rd day your body aclimatizes - or at least mine did. My grad studio was on the 5th floor and was approximately 150 long, I'd be dressed in my trainers the whole night and approx 2:30 hrs I'd sprint down the hallway down the steps, across on the 4th floor and back up. The huffing and puffing was a good break. Didn't take long (far better than the cigarette breaks), and fired up my brain. As well it distracted your schoolmates and made them think they were imaging things :-)

      Dec 22, 05 9:33 am  · 
      bryan boyer

      the GSD has a couple sets of parallel stairs that connect the trays and prove quite useful for five-flight stair master competitions late at night. There's also the external terrace stairs in the dead of winter or the really hardcore (or tired).

      Dec 22, 05 9:56 am  · 

      We would open the windows (if it was cold out) and let the studio drop down to just around freezing. Kept us awake pretty good but the shivvering didn't do wonders if you were trying to do precise drawings.

      Dec 23, 05 8:36 am  · 

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