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    Gearing up

    By Mark_M
    Aug 10, '09 10:29 PM EST

    I’m currently trying to cover all bases at the moment to provide myself with as many open doors as possible. I’m approaching my final year and I know it will be the most difficult but most rewarding year here at Hampton. We are required to have an internship during the summer prior to entering thesis but I was a victim of the recession, my ‘ship’ ran out of gas and I was laid off. I needed to get away from design and clear my head. Luckily I live near a beach so getting away was not that hard and a little beach v-ball and surf really did the job.

    After my brief hiatus it was time to figure out a plan. So now I’m preparing a grad school portfolio that I didn’t think I would need, sent out sample portfolios to local firms, and catching up on thesis reading material.
    I’m now seriously looking into Grad school to maximize my options next May. I have narrowed my schools to UVA to work with John Quale and Auburn to work with D.K. Ruth. I like the direction both schools are moving towards and after speaking to a couple of faculty members I believe both schools would be the best fit for me. Archinect’s portfolio guide provided much needed info at the perfect moment. Here are images of the sample portfolio I sent out to local firms. I customized the content of the portfolio based on the information I knew about the firm. I got the concept from z-card

    You can see bigger images here.


    • Kamu Kakizaki

      i really like the z-card portfolio. i think it would be great to give those out rather than business cards.

      curious though, do you think there's enought content area to show off your sklls/background/experience for an internship?

      Aug 11, 09 10:59 pm

      It's geared to generate intrest, like you stated a business card. Bait, if you will. I have a 'working' portfolio ready at the helm if they come a calling. At the time I needed to create because I was bummed about getting laid off. It meant much more than just trying to land a internship. I'm learning to be patient.

      Aug 12, 09 12:42 am

      Awesome idea! did you print/make it yourself?

      Aug 16, 09 10:26 am

      I went to kinkos to for the quality print and I used 3/16" foam core as the hard back for the cards. It's a little thick but all the materials I had on hand were too flimsy or could possibly warp, even matte board . Good'ol razor sharp x-acto, straight edge, and some TLC always does the trick.

      Aug 17, 09 12:17 am

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