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Sep '06 - Dec '09

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    Crazy Tropical storms

    By Mark_M
    Sep 5, '06 12:32 PM EST

    Today marked the beginning of the school year at Hampton. The sleepless nights, the hunger pangs of mid mornings, and the bickering between school mates. With the recent passing of Hurricane Ernesto that did not happen. I drove my usual 1/2hr to school only to find out that they canceled classes due to the storm. Just my luck. Well since nobody was there I took the liberty of picking out my studio space before anybody got else was able to. With the storm passing I guess I will have to wait another day to start my architecture life again. Oh well more beach time for me.

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    • kissy_face

      nice to hear from Hampton! I didn't go there, but I'm from Virginia and lots of my coworkers in the ATL did.

      Sep 5, 06 6:02 pm

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