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    Staying awake

    By Mark_M
    Feb 7, '07 9:17 AM EST

    I have been averaging three hours of sleep this past week. the work load has began to pile up. I'm tryin to work at it systematically and knock one asignment out at a time. So far so good but I miss my pillow. We also took a tour of Pheobus in 30 degree weather with the wind blowing at full blast.

    Here is my portfolio cover

    cover for my portfolio

    Here we are waiting to leave in the cold.

    the cold journey

    This area needs some work

    This place did have some interesting things

    I can see the light

    Here is me and peter parker.

    myself and peter parker

    Off to work


    • Ana G.

      a portofolio's cover it's the start and first impression means everything. Hence, I should encourage you by saying that I absolutely like it!! Keep up the good work!
      P.S. I don't slleep any much either.. and I still have three years ahead of my diploma so... Be happy! it will eventually end (I keep telling that to myself in order to make believe it ;))

      Feb 7, 07 11:49 am

      Now that's a hot car for a cold day, eh!!!

      Feb 8, 07 10:20 pm

      Dont worry mav. Warmer days are coming and then you can be your rebel self on the bike. If you put a roof pond on there it would help heat up the inside. By the way seatbelts save lives.

      Feb 9, 07 6:19 pm

      Remind me to tell you the story of my friends mobile roof garden car.
      Rebel yell

      Feb 10, 07 9:36 pm

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