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    Va Prize

    By Mark_M
    Jan 27, '07 10:22 AM EST

    It's been a long two days....I mean long.

    Day one.

    I got my physics test back and I was quite pleased with the grade. I saw this in my physics class and thought that it was random....

    no smoking

    I walked back to Bemis to take a nap becasue I was completely exhausted from last nights work. I thought you guys might want to see what Bemis looks like....This is the "heart" as Unwin would say...

    heart of bemis

    I get back to class and instead of napping I get inot a screaming match with a couple of students about religion. That did'nt lead to anything so I decided to take a nap in the library. zzzzzzzzz.

    Day two.

    We finally put together a pre-lim story board for the Disney competion. I also have begun to layout my portfolio, which I have to start over because I think I took steps backwards rather than forwards. On top of that we have Virginia Prize this weekend. Virginia Prize is an annual design competition between Virginia tech, UVA, and Hampton. Talk about competition and nobody from Hamton has ever won. far as I know there has'nt been. Unfortunately second year is not allowed to enter. The competition is only reserved for third year and above but we are still doing boards for the local competion which we are eligable. So we are competing amongst ourselves. Here is the program website:
    Here is a picture of our entire program waiting for the annoucement about the competition.


    Yup...thats most us. We have a small program here.

    Our second year class got together in one room and broke the whole thing down. This guy is really theoretical...well he is from UVA. I believe he was alluding to Don Quxiote in the lunatic and windmill analogy. We were probably brainstorming for about two hours before we split up to come up with our concepts. I went to sleep because I will be driving 2 hrs away to leave town for the weekend. Perfect timing. It's a family occasion so it is completely unavoidable. Well it's time to start working. I'll post the results monday.


    • koboldstudios

      Ooooo...a screaming match about religion, eh? How did that go? [obviously nobody's mind on either side was changed ;) ]

      Jan 27, 07 1:32 pm

      hey- is my thesis boards still hangin up around there? if they are, steal em for me so i can get em and bring em home ;) ud be the greatest if u did...

      Jan 29, 07 5:51 pm

      Actually it's in the display cases in the main foyer. Your moving up here buddy.

      Feb 3, 07 10:14 am

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