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    By Mark_M
    Apr 6, '07 6:51 PM EST

    It's that last lap and it couldn't be anymore of a relief. That last hurdle grows taller or shorter depending on the energy boost I will get in these next couple of weeks. We have been sketching our ideas and Phoebus in the past week so here are some excerpts from my sketchbook.

    Trying out new logos

    So here it is. What a hurdle.

    Due on April 18 at 11AM


    Thoroughly coordinated plans and sections
    Beautifully rendered elevations
    Final Three

    Physical or digital model of sites with context
    Set of bird’s eye perspectives and/or axons of area
    Set of street perspectives of area
    Corner Buildings:

    Two street elevations, line drawings by hand, of one building at ¼”=1’ scale
    One basic street and wall section showing 6’ into each new corner building, rendered drawing by hand at ½”=1’ scale
    Two street elevations of second building, consisting of:
    One line drawing by hand at ¼”=1’ scale
    One rendered drawing by hand at ½”=1’ scale

    Due on April 25 at 4PM (to D. Peronnet’s office)

    Final Portfolio of your best work of the first three semesters,

    Must be physically bound
    Will be graded according to scale on Blackboard, used to assess your mock up

    Due on May 3 at 11AM
    CD Rom

    Include all your digital files from this year, to be used for presentation/publication
    Put your name on the face of the CD
    Make one folder with sub-folders for each project and include your digital files for that project in it. Label them as:
    Campus Site
    Campus Cabin
    Other Projects
    Live Work
    Corner Buildings
    Project book

    Place pages in order and bind with “binder clips”
    High quality images of all project drawings and models
    Written statement of your choices regarding massing and typology for the “Final Three”
    Phoebus Urban Analysis
    Phoebus Precedent studies
    Initial investigations
    Sketches of existing conditions

    Presentation May 4 9-12PM

    Alcohol consumption May 4-June 16

    Europe Backpacking trip June 16- June 28 (oh so sweet)

    Resume Sustainable/Urban communities Research June 28-September 3

    Cause they put 32 story buildings around two story communities


    • what year are you in?

      Apr 6, 07 7:14 pm


      Apr 6, 07 9:08 pm

      good luck!

      Apr 6, 07 9:38 pm

      12 days to complete it? that doesn't sound too bad. we're usually only given a week for that same workload, and it's hell. i hope everything goes well.

      good luck on the portfolio and such, too!

      Apr 6, 07 11:24 pm

      Phoebus project sounds like fun, it has some distinct typologies. One of your sketches looks like Fort Monroe, perhaps a source of inspiration there?

      Good luck.

      The Westin is insane and will take some getting used to but growth is inevitable. At least the city is trying to contain it.

      Apr 7, 07 7:37 pm

      this might give you another view of urbanism...
      "Tearing Down the Streets: Adventures in Urban Anarchy" by Jeff Ferrell.

      an architect with an alternative view of what architectural forms like "new urbanism" and the "redeveloped warehouse districts" have done to real urban life.

      Apr 9, 07 1:34 pm

      Thanks +i I hope to see that in my library by the end of the semester. Still waiting on that book of yours.

      Apr 10, 07 5:02 pm

      and i am still a broke college student.

      Apr 18, 07 12:27 pm

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