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    By Mark_M
    Oct 17, '07 11:17 PM EST

    The solar decathlon was a blast. However, it was extremely crowded and taking pictures was a hassle. Trying to get right angles while 20 other people are taking a tour with you is a pain. I did get to speak with the Maryland and Lawrence Tech students intensively. They were quite excited and more than willing to share their building experiences. I was envious of their grueling but rewarding beast they just conquered. The other schools were overcrowded and were moving the masses like cattle through the houses. I have read some of the critiques from the other decathlon topic and I wish to put my 2 cents in. From a student perspective I can appreciate the “many” flaws that I saw. Looking at details and wondering why they were done a specific way taught me what not to do. Some of them would definitely leak. The buildings were made of simple forms and were to adhere to certain “code and guidelines.” I was not able to get into Germany’s entry but I don’t understand why they won the architecture category. I have heard that it was immaculate inside. They were closed for judging when we passed by. I thought Madrid and Montreal had them beat for architecture but those are just my pennies. These forms are nothing that I haven’t seen in a dwell magazine but they were still delightful to the eye. Montreal’s entry was crafted very well. They paid a lot of attention to their “firmness, commodity, and Delight” I recommend anybody who has not attended to do so. It’s well worth your time even if it is crowded. Here are various shots from my adventure

    I’m currently wrapping up the bus stop project and master planning the site for our project. Midterms are almost here. A tribte to those who are busting their behind off right now. “Rise”


    • myriam

      I know you're probably swamped but when you get a chance, could you label your flickr set w/ each country's entry? looks like a pretty comprehensive set of photos!

      also, very cool logo.

      Oct 18, 07 7:35 pm

      I labeled the Flickr set. This was an amazing trip for me. I hope to use what I saw to influence the "sleeper keeper" we have to build at the end of the semester.

      Oct 20, 07 3:14 pm

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