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    KFC dreams

    By Mark_M
    Dec 31, '09 7:13 PM EST

    Well I survived this year, actually I lived this year. After looking back at photos and past blogs I’ve written in various forums, it has been an eventful year. Thesis has been a rollercoaster of a ride. I managed to reclaim the information from the Nor’easter and the rest I just had to take the hit. I’m approaching my final semester here at Hampton and I have mixed feelings about leaving. Maybe if we were in better economic times I would be in a better state of mind. I told a professor how I got this great job lined up after graduation, buttering him up for the punch line.

    Prof: “So where is this great place you speak of?”

    Me: “KFC, biscuit baker, $7.50 an hour plus benefits after 4 years of employment.”

    I found it really funny, he didn’t. I received this lecture about how you just have to work hard and move to better regions. I nodded my head, thinking to myself that is what I have Archinect for. They tell me all the great places where people are getting laid-off. I love this forum; it gives a great overview of the profession and academia regardless of what state the profession is in.

    I leave you with imagery from my year’s activities and a quote that I read from a someone’s sketch book five years ago: Don’t complain, 50% of people don’t care and the other 50% are glad it’s not them. Happy New Year Archinect!

    People need more than a career to just survive.

    More images of the Squatters can be seen here.

    I presented the research I did at the local Pecha Kucha.

    I designed a hybrid pinup and model stand system for Hampton's accreditation visit. We built it as team. Its called the lumberjack jack.


    More images of project Nitro can be seen here.

    I went to Madrid, Toledo, and Segovia, Spain to find some family roots.




    More images of my trip to Spain can be seen here.

    I left studio for a week and half to go to Puerto Rico to find this abondoned jewel, Mosquito Pier. Its a mile out into the carribean sea.


    More images of my trip to Puerto Rico can be seen here.

    My house got robbed....along with my camera and all of my back files on the hard disk. No images for that. Just a lot of ranting for a couple of days.

    Bought a new camera and headed to Boston.



    More images can be seen here.

    I got laid off and decided to try some creative marketing. I got great feedback but "we can't afford to take someone right now," kept coming up. So I kept digging and found some work.
    concept 1

    I started the year and damn near shed a proposal

    Have a Happy New Year. I'm going to get some booze and hope for a year of High hopes.


    • some person

      Mark, you might be able to find a good employment opportunity just up the street in DC once you graduate.

      Jan 2, 10 2:50 pm
      Linda Seamore

      These are really amazing! I am at awe and I am marveling at the pictures that seem to the work of some mechanical but mystical force, that alone can procure structures like these.

      Jan 5, 10 3:39 pm

      Just Why-- I think I want to extend my academic career by one more year pending that I get accepted into the programs I'm applying to.
      But thanks for the info.

      Linda-- It's funny you say mechanical but mystical force....the architect that designed the abondoned Mosquito Pier in Puerto Rico, Clay Dills was a student of the late John Hejduk at Cooper Union. When I took the pictures and showed it to him when I returened, he wished that it stays abondoned forever....why? I don't know. But it's a mile walk from the entrance to the end of the pier on a 15' wide pathway. Quite amazing....I avoided getting put in a Puerto Rican jail for trespassing when they caught me at the end of the pier sketching. I had to pay them $5 to let me go free. So cool. My spanish was disgusting.Then they made me walk back only to tell my taxi waiting on the other end to leave. Mind you the last ferry heading back to the main island was leaving in two hours...a 7 mile hike from pier to ferry....walked 2, hitched hiked the rest. Probably one of the funniest experiences of my life. I'm one of the lucky few to have seen it.

      Look up the pier on google earth.

      Jan 5, 10 8:11 pm

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