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    By Mark_M
    Jan 29, '07 6:26 PM EST

    This competion drained my brain. I was traveling and researching most of the weekend and I finally started drawing my board on Sunday. I was thinking about going digital for the speed but I had to keep my promise not to use the computer unless it was necessary.
    I'm thinking about changing my rendering technique because my style is to sketchy for others to grasp my ideas. My board ended up looking like a giant cartoon. Which is'nt bad at times but it's time for a change.
    I realized after looking back at the program that I thought about it to much. I think I threw everything I thougth about on that board instead of organizing my thoughts. I told one of my co-workers about it and he told me exactly what the professors did, "focus on one thing and go." There isn't much time in these charettes to loly gag with the ideas. I can't post any of the pictures I took of the entries until after they are judged but I'm eager to see what the other schools came up with.

    Now that that monkey is of my back I can focus on this portfolio of mine. Since I took a step backwards I have double the work. It was good to have a breather today though, so I can be fresh for the next leg of this architecture race.

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