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    First Pass

    By Mark_M
    Feb 19, '08 9:01 AM EST


    On my third pass at my courthouse building, well third serious form consideration of the many quick study models. Plans, Elev, Sections, Concept refinement, blah blah….studio stuff

    Making a matrix, collecting product samples, testing materials, and writing my design proposal for my ReViroments research class.

    Theory paper on “what is my definition of a city”

    Pro Bono Paper for Professional Practice

    Student interviews_always fun

    Presentations on 02_25_08

    Prague on 03_01_08 for sketching, urban studies, and drinking

    Time: Swamped

    Mood: Wouldn’t have it any other way. Sweet.

    I leave you with Mine and Mitchell Hubbell’s Courthouse Study and a 4th year intervie with Danielle Key, norman Pierce, Rob Shepard, and Brandon Clarke about their recent trip to Rome and Tunisia.


    • JordanS

      Three Musketeers, not a bad choice. Im a fan of D6 myself, and the Jumbo Honey Bun seems to be pretty popular.

      Nice video docs man.

      Feb 19, 08 7:28 pm

      good luck on ur presentation, think of prague-the work will go easier then.

      Hey and when u think prague is for drinking, you definitely have to try ABSINTH. But be careful, very careful ....

      Nice viedeos again


      Feb 22, 08 4:37 pm

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