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    First trip of the fall

    By Mark_M
    Oct 22, '06 6:09 PM EST

    I plan on attending the lecture at UMD this friday. Karla Maria Rothstein from SR+T Architects, Columbia University is speaking. I thought this might be a good way to get away and expand my architectural knowledge. It also happens to be the open house for their grad program that day as well. I guess I can kill two birds with one stone with this trip. I tried to get some of the other students to come with me but I only had one response. Hopefully the person can go, it sucks going on a road trip by yourself. I would ask one of my friends to go but we would probably end up drunk somewhere in D.C. Which isnt a bad thing on some occasions but I need to focus with this trip.

    Is it me or have people become to computer dependent with their designs? Doesnt anybody sketch anymore? I have seen a mad dash to the computer lab with desparate students trying to make their deadline. Some people spent about 100 dollars on printing their sheets alone. Geez pencil and ink are free. Well, almost free. I'm trying to fine tune my hand work this year and I have vowed not to touch the computer at all. My boss has had an influence on me, she doesnt allow any computer work until we finalize a design. Its kinda oldschool but I am starting to develop a healthy balance between the two. Third year in our program is dedicated to digital media so I figured I have all of next year to master those programs. They're really not hard to grasp with a little help menu here and there. However, learning to render by hand is a beast not easily taken down.
    We also recieved our new project. The site looks like a swamp. I've been there numerous times this week. I even went at night. It looked like a ghost scene with the thick fog in the air. The flowy light of the navy base across the river helps the sight a lot. The site is really close to the interstate highway which presents a noise pollution problem. There is a horse farm adjacent to the site which makes for a delicous smell of horse manure. Yeah!! I also found a colony of sea snails embedded behind some river rocks. I think i'll use them as my prescedent seeing as we have to make a retreat for 20 architecture students to work in during spring, summer, and fall. Well more like a camp. hmmmmmm......cabins shaped like snail shells. Well gotta start sketching. Ill post pics of my ideas soon.

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    • MFxIII

      snail shells ???? what happened to that idea?

      Did the Mason's abduct it?

      I am glad you are doing this Mark.


      A tyrant :-)

      Nov 2, 06 11:26 pm

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