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    Come Critique 3rd Year Final Projects

    By Mark_M
    Apr 26, '07 5:53 PM EST

    +- got to it before I did but better late than Never.

    Hampton 3rd Year critique

    Please leave your comments HERE

    Many thanks to Professor Derek Ham and Professor Daisy O'lice Williams for pushing our program to new Horizons. Good Luck to all the 3rd year students.


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      sorry. someone emailed it to me, so i just put it up right away. i was bored at work today...

      Apr 26, 07 11:20 pm

      No need for apologies. We needed to get the word out there.

      Apr 27, 07 7:19 am

      both myself and Monteil (graduated 2005) will be on the thesis jury on Monday. if anyone has any questions they want to ask us, or if they want us to see their work, etc, just pony up and come talk to us! (we dont bite, contrary to popular belief) Monteil works at SmithGroup here in DC and i am at RTKL here in DC.

      just a heads up :)

      Apr 27, 07 9:43 am

      Glad to hear that. Oh by the way thanks in advance for bringing a copy of your book. :)

      Apr 27, 07 11:27 am

      trust me, in a perfect world i would buy multiple copies and have them sent to HU. unfortunately starting out after school is very expensive, not to mention student loan payments that equal 2/3 my rent, and grad school in the fall... all w/out family help. if i could i would give more.

      sorry kiddo, all i can offer is time + advice at this point in time.

      ask grant/shannon/debra/HU librarian/HU Arch librarian to order it for the library.

      Apr 27, 07 12:11 pm

      I would of had fun at that critique. The work would encourage good dialogue.

      Apr 29, 07 3:02 am

      the third year work looked great in person as well (sometimes people take better pictures than of what really exists)...

      hope we alums didnt scare anyone off yesterday :)

      it's a great profession--- and i hope there are more students who are as dedicated as you obviously are--- there was just only 3 strong theses out of ... 15??? that really says something about some students' motivation and dedication to architecture. and if you cant be motivated about a project that is all up to you, then how can you be motivated for the first few years you're out and working in a firm? because it will be quite a while before you are able to do your own work again- except for things on the side...

      donald's work was fantastic, as well as melanie's and even courtnei's. hopefully people will learn from the bad and build from the good.

      May 1, 07 7:47 am

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