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    Spring Break or Work which ever it is

    By Mark_M
    Mar 7, '07 8:01 PM EST

    Things couldn't be project redo, deadline on thursday for work, and the computer crashed TWICE. Goodness I thought I was suppose to be on Spring Break. I decide to relax my first two days and head to Richmond for the CAA tournament. One of my studio buddies had four free tickets. Something about FREE always seems to mean nosebleeds when it comes to sporting events. I should have known. These guys look like smurfs.


    Well "beggars can't be picky" right? So we started to eye empty seats in the stadium and we hopped on the oppurtunity.

    almost courtside

    Almost courtside. We were sitting there for the second game for about half the game when an old man comes up says, "Hey there? those are our seats!!!" Turns out he was waiting in line for his hotdogs. Oh well it still turned out to be a great game.

    I didn't get to talk to my first year profeesor about my NU issues because he looked quite pissy when I went to visit him. So I chose wisely and started to revamp my argument....some ammo came in....oh yeeah!!

    more ammo

    Pretty old but there are some great info that I can use here. $3.75 on Amazon baby. Gotta keep Digging!!!

    To reward myself I scheduled a Trip to New York for the weekend. I hope the snow has calm down in the Big apple. I hate cold weather. I plan to vist Cooper Union and NYIT to see what thier programs are like. I want to see that analytical sphere of the subways that Lebbeus Woods studio did. It looks amazing in the photographs. I got the MoMa and the Guggenheim on my list but are there any low key museums that are cost effective on a student budget that are worth a look? I have been to NY four times since 911 and have yet to see ground zero. I got that as as my first agenda.


    • cpnorris

      You have to go see The American Folk Art Museum by Tod Williams and Billie Tsien. It's amazing! Right across the street from MoMA. Its tall and skinny and clad in bronze panels.

      Also the Prada store by OMA. There are two Prada stores in NYC and one is a non-event. Not sure where the OMA one is located exactly but its worth a visit.

      Mar 7, 07 8:27 pm

      i like pater calthorpe, but much better books, academically, are from this series, by mike jenks.

      actual research, not polemics. basically a book series devoted to testing the concept of the compact city in its various forms (new urbaism, etc) to find out if there is any evidence for its value. the answer...we still don't know...

      which means we need people to do more work, a perfect justification for your studio really.

      anyway, check out this

      and this

      and this

      Mar 7, 07 10:31 pm

      Thanks jump these are really helpful. I will see if our library has them because uuuuuhhh two of these books are out of my budget.

      Mar 8, 07 8:18 am

      i second the Folk Art Museum, and the cost is $12.00 if i remember correctly. if you go there, treat yourself to a walk down to the basement just for the amazing texture of the concrete wall. dont use the elevator either (unless you have to) the entire procession up to the top floor level is a great experience and the building has amazing sectional qualities. there are also some semi-hidden stairs that are fun to explore

      Mar 8, 07 1:17 pm

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