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    The calm before the storm

    By Mark_M
    Mar 24, '07 1:17 PM EST

    Ah....finally I get to a computer. Since the death of my laptop I have been scrambling like crazy to backtrack all of my work from studio and my various other classes. Sleepless nights and lots of Ginseng is what has kept me alive this past week. My NY trip was very interesting but I was unable to see the three schools I wanted to visit due to security issues but I did get to go to the Moma, Folk museum, and the Guggenheim. Unfortunately all of my pictures are gone along with my laptop but I did get one sketch in at Washighton square park. I believe this is where the famous skateboard scene in KIDS was shot. Back-up is now my favorite friend since my tragedy.
    It's hard to take a vacation with non-archi-interested people because everytime i wanted to sketch I would get the "Hurry up man, we dont have all day you know." So this probably will be the last time I drag 6 of my friends to vacation but it still was quite an experience
    My luck that my studio buddies had most of the files for my part in Disney studio. We recently had our 90% pinup before our 3-29-07 deadline. As I mentioned before this is probably my favorite class due to the diversity of the projects. Watching others work on their schemes has introduced me to new media to implement in future projects.

    Here is my team presenting our boards.

    Along with the hardwork the AIAS had their annual Spring Bling this week. They reserve a whole week filled with activities and this year was no exception. The weather was great for BBQing and Student/Faculty dodgeball. Imagine the satisfaction of hitting your professors with a ball after all those firing squads you were put through.

    We also had a t-shirt competition but the winners will not be announced until Monday but I hope I win. So I wore mine on Friday to advertise my deisgns. The first one is BEMIS labs. The letters were formed to hint the building shape. The second was from Unwin's chapter of Transition, Hierarchy, and Heart. It had to be gimmiky to get my point across. The heart is the "heart" of BEMIS labs.

    To close the week off we had a "Diag-rama" competition sponsored by the honor society of Tau Sigma Delta. Hopefully I spelled that right. We were to diagram various processes such as how to tie a shoe, our commute to Bemis, and the architecture process. This was held in a March Madness tournament style with one team being eliminated each round. It was quite intense because the judges were sitting directly behind my teammate and I. I had sweat stains it was so intense. But we did manage to finish second and win some $$$$$.

    Feel the intensity of the finals......neck and neck...Congrats to the winners though. They smoked us in the end.

    Finally, Brandon and I got our prank on one of the faculty members after my crash and burn. We made t-shirts with our poster.

    Welll......I guess the bike is blue. It looks purple sometimes when the sun hits it.

    Now that the calm is over the storm of work is coming fast. Deadline on Monday for Studio work. All hand. I'll have pics of when I finally get my new laptop on Weds.

    I also finally got to speak with my first year Professor about the flaws that I discovered but with no success. Actually he had a rebuttle for everthing I mentioned. Hmm. I realized even though he made valid points about the movement of New Urbanism, he agreed that they were not adressing sustainable issues "YET." So my research now has a path. I talked to the librarian about ordering the books that "jump" recommeded. link Hopefully I can get those in by the end of the semester. It would help greatly.
    But I have to put a hold on my side endevours until I finish my studio work. Which I have been brushing off. Crunch time.


    • Monocarpic

      Sorry to hear about your laptop loss.
      Something to consider with your new laptop: Instead of backing up 'a computer', why not seperate your data from your computer permanently.

      Reverse the direction of 'back up.'

      Keep all your data on a portable disk and backup to another non-portable disk at home. The portable drive + static drive, a $200 investment, gives you even more flexibility because you connect to any machine (provided it has the needed programs) and keep working.

      I've been doing this for a long time now and so far it's been successful. The only problem I see is my portable drive being stolen with my laptop. Hence the big home drive. Occasionally, of course, a DVD-R comes in handy as well.

      Mar 25, 07 4:10 pm
      Sir Arthur Braagadocio

      sorry i didn't spend all the time reading your post...
      but what is with the purple rain theme?

      Mar 25, 07 7:29 pm

      Wow...Looks like a fun place to study.

      Cool Bike (the BLUE one),

      But who's that kid kneeling by it. Didn't he just lose his training wheels.


      Mar 26, 07 10:14 pm

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