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    Re-visiting Richmond, VA by Olanrewaju Ajibola and Mark Matel

    By Mark_M
    Jan 7, '08 7:26 PM EST

    Hey archinect. Thanks for the support for this blog experiment. Any criticism is welcome to improving the quality of the video and audio of the blogs. This is a challenge for me and I welcome the upcoming hurdles. So your input would be greatly appreciated.

    I recently took a trip to Richmond, Virginia to meet up with a classmate. Along the way I stopped by Jamestown and Mechanicsville, VA to see two buildings designed by local architect Carlton Abbott. The Archaearium in Jamestown, VA is a museum housing the original foundations of the storehouse of the original colony of Jamestown. It also houses the remains of two original settlers of Jamestown, hence why I had to Bogart the two interior pictures I have. No pictures interior pictures allowed. This building floats above the remains… sort of removing it from the site. And is clad in copper to reflect the trade of copper during Jamestown’s fledgling years.

    The Second building I visited is the Polegreen church Mechanicsville, Virginia. This building or rather memorial creates an amazing sense of place. I don’t think you can capture it with images but you actually have to be there to experience the space. But I did take pictures.

    I then met up with my friend Olanrewaju Ajibola in Richmond. He will actually kick start the video blog for Hampton. I thought I might give a little background of where he hails from.

    Polegreen church foundation

    An article about the architect of the Markel building, Haig Jamgochian

    Here are videos of the capitol building during the remodeling phase

    Richmond Escapade Pictures

    lanre's sketchs


    • Lucia

      love it, i think u should definitely interview Mr. preonnet. Looking forward to his interview.

      Jan 8, 08 2:02 pm

      Next time you guys go to Richmond check out Caravatis. It is an Architectural salvage warehouse.

      Jan 8, 08 9:06 pm

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