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Sep '06 - Dec '09

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    Just when you thought crits were over

    By Mark_M
    Dec 19, '06 6:17 PM EST

    I got away from architecture for a couple of days and now have the time to reflect back on this semester. Well bewfore I get into that I was volunteering at the local salvation army this holiday season and who do I run into? None other than one of the professors at Hampton. I wasn't expecting a crit but that is what it led too. One can never get away from architecture when they want to. I wasn't running just separating for a bit. They say separation brings appreciation. I will be posting pics of my fellow classmates works because I feel they did a great job as well.

    I felt this emtional rush from the faculty as if they were pleased with some of our class's work. I thought one of them was about to cry. It felt comforting that we were able to even move the faculty. They seem cold to students at times. Maybe thats just my read but they were students once in a land far far and away so maybe they know something I dont.

    I fulfilled one of my goals this semester which was to explore different representation techniques. Too bad I wasn't able to use them in my final presentation. I stuck to what I knew. iI'm using the different mediums more in my process work so I can get a better understanding of the method of representatio. The suprise crit also gave me someone to turn too build on this knowledge. So I guess getting the surprise crit wasn't so bad after all.

    I will be posting pictures soon. I promise this time. I finally got my camera fixed.

    Later for now architecture.

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