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    Sleeper Keeper

    By Mark_M
    Dec 25, '07 7:18 PM EST

    It's been a while. What I assumed to be an easy semester turned out to be quite a challenge. Here are one of the few projects that I'll be posting with the small amount of free time I have over the break. The "Sleeper Keeper." We were to design and build a shelter that would house one tenant for a single night. The shelter had to maintain a temperature above 60 degrees through the night. We used compacted newspaper and a hypocaust system with heated bricks inserted into the floors to. provide the heat. All materials must be recycable or reclaimed. All of the components of the shelter had to be prefabricated and constructed in an hour. We finished 12 minutes over. It was a very challenging project having to manage nine other people to work, assign tasks, manage studio, 9 personalities and egos including mine. We started rough with the mock build flopping due to "developer" needs. We failed to meet certain project criteria and basically had to start over with a new cladding system. I learned lot through various assignments of this project..project, time, and people management. It was tough. We divided the task into structures, heating and water management, and cladding. It gave us breathing room to avoid butting heads during descision times. But during the build out..all the hell we went through was well worth it. I wasn't to pleased with the cladding but I cant complain it was a fun process. I leave you with the video and a link to the photos. Long live Devo!!! Happy Holidays and more to come from me.

    Sleeper Keeper Photos


    • Marlin

      that was a fun two minute romp. Any reuse of campaign signs is good use, especially if it's roofing. Was there an interior height requirement for the shelter and a required height that the interior floor had to be above the ground?

      Dec 30, 07 7:14 pm

      No requirements for interior spaces but the sleeping portion of the keeper had to be 36" off the ground. Our group decided to just move the the whole structure up 36". I think the total height from ground to the tallest portion of the keeper was 9'. We actually bargained with another group to get the campaign signs. They went on a night raid and scooped them up like thieves in the night. It was fun gathering the materials. There is something magical about digging in trash and finding materials to build with.

      Dec 31, 07 12:56 pm

      Good Job you guys!!! It's amazing to see how sleeper keeper has evolved over the years...

      I probably already know the answer to this question, but did anyone help you all with the funding for this project this year???


      Jan 2, 08 11:40 am

      No funding. the teams just went scavenging for materials. We tried to spend as little money as possible. All the Newspaper was donated by Scripps Howard and the lumber was scraps from the homecoming float. The roof we bartered with another team. We negotiated a lot to get our materials. It expanded our small HU network.

      Jan 2, 08 5:23 pm

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