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    Field trip/getting dirty

    By Mark_M
    Mar 31, '07 12:50 PM EST

    Our class is currently doing a project in Phoebus, Virginia to accompany what UDA proposed. We are designing different types of mixed used units to show the residents of Phoebus a little diversity. We would like to let them know that there are options instead of some of the "Plain Jane" units that were proposed.
    Our professors decided to take us on a little field trip to show us some examples. We strolled down the city of Norfolk, Virginia where UDA also provided a master plan. I have been seeing a lot of UDA lately but I heard that they won't build in Virginia Beach. Thats what I heard from the architect grape vine in my area.

    Base, middle, and top are clearly defined

    old skool

    Squeezed in


    This one is leaning


    This is a theater. The entrance is clearly defined thorough the proportion


    We had to goof off a little...


    I think the US post office are using these to promote their new Star Wars stamp.


    Hmmmm. looks interesting. The facade in the reflection is too.


    a tourist in my home town


    This is the only Freemason Street in the U.S. and it's right here in Norfolk. As soon as I go to take the picture.....They were right there.


    On another note the Building Science class is learning to pour concrete. They had to make a form and then carry them to the front of the Architecture building. Little do they know how heavy these things are going to be.

    getting ready...


    Mix, mix, and, mix...

    Hustle and bustle

    Ladies too...

    Ladies aren't excluded

    Elbow Grease


    Looks like a real construction site. Three people watching one person working...

    three people watching one working


    Bamboo Rebar

    A Vertical mold. Looks like a butter churn


    Hold it down

    Hold it down

    A little customization



    A perfectionist....Now that's a mason for ya


    From above....We were lazy

    From above


    • myriam

      Awesome, cool pics! Totally brings back the day we learned to pour concrete at my school. The pics are eerily similar... except our campus buildings are yellow brick, not red. Pretty looking campus you got there!

      I didn't know UDA was still so active... isn't new urbanism kind of on the outs? I guess not. Can you tell us more about what they're proposing v. what you're proposing? Sounds intriguing.

      Mar 31, 07 2:07 pm

      all the city gov'ts seem to love the uda way. norfolk has totally bought into gindroz's schtick, as has louisville, where i am.

      i spent a good amount of time on and around freemason street when i was growing up, mark. my family has always gone to epworth united methodist, the big stone pile on the corner of freemason and boush(?).

      Mar 31, 07 9:53 pm

      great pics, mark! looks like your class is learning something! are there any more contemporary/modern examples in the area? all of those buildings were originally built back when Granby Street had a trolley car running down the middle of it.

      the building next to Seldon Arcade (3rd picture down) used to have a beautiful green roof (might not anymore, i'm not too sure) and so did the building with Hell's Kitchen. you should look at the amazing historical pictures they have on file at the norfolk library right there on city hall ave- the old man in there who runs it will dig up some amazing things for you if you ask.

      Apr 2, 07 9:27 am


      Sure as soon as I get pics of our final pieces. UDA's proposals are on the Phoesbus Master Plan.

      Apr 6, 07 6:53 pm

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