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    first day of studio

    By Mark_M
    Jan 17, '07 9:02 PM EST

    We started off smaller than fall semester. I guess this is around the time where people start to realize if they want to do architecture. I hate to see some of the people go but to each his own.

    Our first project is to come up with a logo to attach to our portfolios that we will be completing this semester. It is suppose to have some personal meaning snd to speak universally and not some kind of inside thing that only a limited group would understand. We cant use text but we can use letters. I think it will help our class jog our brains a bit before we start tackiling the meat of the semester.
    I started out interviewing my classmates to see what they first thought of when they heard my name. I heard teeth, smart mouth, controlling, comedian, and jello. I dont no where jello come from but it did make me show some teeth. I took it from there and I started playing with words like hahaahahaa....and others but that got me thinking of images like a happy face, teeth that looked like haahahas, and lips. From there I played with an open mouth. I then took a smile and put it in a positive/negative background.


    After looking at for a while it started to look the muslim symbol minus the star, a bowl for which I am known for eating out of, and a ship. I dont know if this thing has any meaning to me but it does look like an evil smile. It was a quick stab now its time to buckle and start moving.

    I think I will be trying more ideas tonight. I'm going for the most simplistic image that gives of multiple meanings.


    • Alexander Jack

      Cheshire Cat maybe?

      Jan 17, 07 11:49 pm

      clipping of a fingernail...

      Jan 18, 07 12:47 am

      what the sky will look like when you go home.

      well, once or twice a month, anyway.

      Jan 18, 07 7:07 am

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