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    Just checkin get the motor rolling

    By Mark_M
    Aug 13, '08 8:42 AM EST

    I visited NY recently to find some inspiration. I've been a huge fan of LTL's work and I set an agenda to see some of their work in NY. To my dissappointment most of them were closed. Well except Dash Dogs, which is now a taco stand. I stopped by Tides but I could barely get in because they to were closed. I had to ask the workers if I could take some quick pictures while they were working. Ini Ani and Fluff were closed as well. I'm coming up again this week for 4 days to find more inspiration. Is Xing still open? Is there any new LTL works in NY that I dont know of yet. If any one has any info I would appreciate it. Does anybody know whats going on with the storfefront for architecture and arts? It's closed too. BTW the people at PRADA are a**holes, I just wanted to take a quick picture of the sweet steps.
    Here are some pictures from my recent summer trips.

    Blacksburg, Virginia

    Richmond, Virginia

    NY in a Day

    NY in a Day pt. 2


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