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    A much needed break

    By Mark_M
    Mar 6, '07 2:11 AM EST

    This past week has been hell. I'm sure everybody feels the same way with deadline after deadline. Studio Culture has increased dramatically in the past weeks and people seem to be more upbeat even with mounting pressure on their shoulders. Instead of telling you what happened I would like to show you through pictures.

    Here is my vain self lollygagging my way to the William B. Moses lecture. Interesting lecture by the way. He was robbed of first prize design in the world's fair due to his skin color. Shame shame shame...


    Voltron massing....

    voltron 1

    voltron 2

    What is it?

    Green Trees

    A war has been going on with pranks between student and faculty. Nobody is safe.

    Prank 1

    A faculty's rebuttal but payback is oooh so sweet.


    This was an assignment in Building science class that I unfortunately am not a part of but these chairs are awesome. They were to take either the frame or seat and harvest materials that are reclaimed to "pimp out your chair” the name says it all. You also had to include African precedents into eh overall design.

    Gotta test drive it first. Notice the reflectors for safety there.

    Pimp my chair fav

    rolling away

    A victim in the sleep chair

    someone's sleeping

    Life guards where red shorts right?

    crow's nest

    This one was a recliner with a cool collage on the tablet

    Pimp my chair


    An unfortunate victim of the comfy chair

    sleep victim

    I call this one king tut's throne. It had a sink as the back rest

    Thats a sink people

    King Tut

    Don’t let this one fool ya. It was the most comfortable chair out there and it comes with a cup holder.


    I also had to do a flier for our Disney studio. This was probably the best review I have attended. The student body and jury were upbeat.


    studio culture

    studio culture

    As far as my studio project pinup... it was okay. Our team had it all together but when we opened our mouths you could feel the fatigue ooze out of our bodies. I believe we resolved pertinent issues with our project before we moved on to resolving actual plans. I think we should be fine. We need to refine a few things before we finish our final proposal in three weeks.

    Now its time to relax for a few days and then get back to studio work. Not much of a spring break but I did reward myself with a sketch trip to New York at the end of the week. Hopefully it's not too cold up there.

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