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    Elbert Whitfield on "Stations"

    By Mark_M
    Jan 18, '08 12:40 AM EST

    My video blogs will compromise of mostly interviews until studio and desk crits begin to take off. I will try not to edit these recordings in order to give you the real experience not a scripted one. It's wierd when you film people. Their posture changes and tones of voices become more refined. Not true with Elbert but he was nervous.
    The first week back usually entails registration problems and re-awakenings from the winter break; which I’m currently experiencing. I'm not in studio as of today but I sure hope to be by tommorrow morning. In the mean time I decide to expand Hampton’s studio classroom even more by launching "Bemis Thoughts"
    They are a collection of Hampton student blogs linked to each other, one from each year. Feel free to explore their thoughts as well. If anybody can recommend an affordable movie editing software I would appreciate it. I ‘m currently using Windows movie maker. The bare minimum. I would like some more editing options but my studio software must come first. I’ve looked at some free software but they don’t offer the editing option I’m looking for. I leave you with an interview with Elbert Whitefield, a first year student discussing one of his weekly studio design exercises.


    • Marlin

      I really enjoy the video entries. It's a great format and I'm glad you're growing comfortable with it. While you wait on some editing software - if you aren't already familiar with the film edit stylings of Errol Morriss - enjoy some episodes of his short-lived Bravo series First Person found on youtube.

      Jan 21, 08 5:18 am

      it's really inspiring to see some of the things you are doing and encouraging there... i think some of us have been deluded because of the lack of willingness to improve and move forward... but you are really shining through.
      on that note, email me an address and i'll send you the software.

      Jan 25, 08 10:52 am

      Thanks +- but I just recieved my copy of Powerdirector. Much appreciated. I'm experimenting wiith it before I publish these videos. BTW the thesis class class this year seem to have some great research underway. Will you be making a cameo?

      Jan 31, 08 10:54 pm

      oh ok. good luck.
      i have talked via email with carmina... and since im in the middle of my own thesis i dont think i can make it for reviews. HOWEVER... i would like to come casually and just talk to people- in any level. i have also (just this morning) sent an email to the faculty to invite students up to tour ecoMOD here in Charlottesville. i am john quale's research and teaching assistant... and the ecoMOD3 house would be really great for you all to see. it was originally a slave's home in the mid 1800s and has been salvaged and restored and an addition added onto it. it was built and designed by students as a collaboration of the A-school and the Engineering school. Governor Tim Kaine was here in Dec to do the ribbon cutting. this would be a great opportunity and i'm inviting anyone from HU's A-school who would like to come take a private tour. i can do it on a saturday if that is easier for everyone. please spread the word and let me know what works: my email is

      Feb 4, 08 11:40 am

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