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    DC remedy

    By Mark_M
    Dec 31, '07 1:44 PM EST

    I decide to leave town on Thursday to get away form the hustle and bustle of car dependency and shopping strip escapades of suburbia life. A friend and I decided to go to DC and just lolly gag around. I just needed to see some buildings. Architecture and I had a falling out this semester and I had a love affair with graphic communication. I think it was more of a lust thing but it felt good. I just love the instant gratification that graphics can give you. My lack of interest in architecture isn’t too healthy seeing as I’m an arch major. The trip remedied my slight sickness and helped myself and architecture get reacquainted. I sketched a bit or “eye hand candy” as I like to call it. It seems that I remember these places acutely as I craft the image. Weather the sketch is good or bad I still walk away with an imprint in my head that a photo can’t give. I can still walk the Pope_Leighey house down to the last brick. It cost Pope $7,100 to build that house. FLW charged a whopping $500 for his archi fees. It makes me wonder ”oh where has affordable design gone too?” Happy New Year everyone!!

    Click here for the rest of the images

    Marine_Corp _Mus_Sketch

    shadow texture


    • some person

      It looks like you had fun in DC, Mark. Thanks for the photographs from the Hirshhorn. I hadn't yet noticed the outlet beneath Ellsworth Kelly's Blue with White Relief. What did you think of the new Black Box film?

      Jan 1, 08 11:18 pm

      I thought ants were color blind but there was something amazing about the colony collecting all that colorful confetti. I still dont get Ellsworth Kelly's Blue with White Relief. What did you think about it? Or his Green giant Triangle?

      Jan 2, 08 5:19 pm

      whoa, the Pope-Leighy is COOL! I want to go. Is that glassed-in sunroom thingy original? Interesting, detailing's not what I would have expected from FLW... this place looks like a simplistic jewel. Sweet oxymoron.

      So, which one are you?

      Jan 3, 08 1:00 am

      the Pope Leighy is great. Frank made a great space with so little space. I wish I had interior pictures but the guide was being a sour puss even though we told him we were architecture students. I'm the guy on the left in the Marine corp Museum picture the other person is a clasmate of mine, Lanre.

      Jan 3, 08 7:09 pm

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