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    By Mark_M
    Jan 19, '07 12:13 AM EST

    I have been sketching this logo every chance that I got and found that I was thinking way to much into it. All this sketching for a logo but it has got me hooked.
    logo 3

    LOGO 2

    logo 3_NEG

    LOGO 2_NEG


    • crescent was better. these look forced.

      Jan 19, 07 7:00 am

      It gave off too many meanings. Forced? I did realize I was thinking to hard but something kept drawing me back to these two.

      Jan 19, 07 6:42 pm

      you had good reasons for the crescent. What are your reasons for this? They look like your initials, which can't be what they're looking for...

      Jan 20, 07 12:48 am

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