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    Welcome to Bemis

    By Mark_M
    Feb 3, '08 2:20 AM EST

    We are currently learning how to design a courthouse this semester. We were asked to pick a precedent courthouse to analyze and are now on our way to so to do some site analysis. The ball has started to roll. I have been filming and recruiting camera men in my cause but so far I’m solo. I also forgot to mention that I will be traveling to Prague for a credit class from March 1-8. So look forward to some international video blogging. We also will be traveling to Panama in May from the 14-25 as part of our required travel studio. I plan on brining my board for some Atlantic and Pacific Rim waves. Things are looking up for our program. Maybe it’s the thought of warm weather coming soon.
    Virginia Prize recently passed. For those who don’t know Virginia prize is a competition held among the three schools of architecture in Hampton, UVA, and Virginia Tech. Two of them are nationally ranked, one is #1. Talk about competition. My entry was picked for the local scholarship award and will be shipped with the other eight winners from Hampton to do battle with the other two schools. I hope to do well but placing at home feels good enough right now. Sarah Robertson and Daisy Williams wrote the program this year and can be read here. The program is written by one of the three schools and is passed along every year; it was our turn this year. I will post pics after the state judging is done. I leave you with my first compilation video and three students discussing their Virginia Prize woe.s


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      it never fails... every VA Prize since i was there beginning in 01... they never open the cad lab as necessary to plot... so sometimes, like you said mark, you have to forego all the rules and just design the concept- so you can print on time.
      catch 22

      Feb 4, 08 11:20 am

      oh yeah... and every year i did that competition (5 times) i tried to follow all the directions... it wasnt until the end, during thesis, when we had to do it that i just gave up... i didnt draw a single thing, i only had a concept- i had no sections/plans/elevations, etc. and then i was in the top 3.
      figures, right

      Feb 4, 08 11:46 am

      good to see the good old bemis again....
      keep it up, i love it, love it...

      Feb 4, 08 5:02 pm

      do second years always have to participate in the competition?

      Dec 30, 08 6:21 pm

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