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    Weekend Adventure

    By Mark_M
    Feb 5, '07 1:22 AM EST

    Go Colts. Not that I'm fan but Payton Manning has some funny commercials. Too bad I found out through sportscenter. Archtitecture takes precedent.

    We got a preview of what we will be doing on Monday so I went and checked out the site. It was pretty busy for being such a small town. More people were driving than walking, maybe because it was 40 degrees outside. This place looks like an abondoned town as you go further down the street but there is a reward at the end, an ocean view thats framed by two bridges. I took closer shots of the Base but one of the soldiers saw that I was taking pictures of the base. He came over and asked if I would kindly delete the pictures of the base because of "terror" issues. He was cool about it so I cooperated and I gave him the good old salute. It got too cold to sketch so I dont have any, cant sketch with jittery hands. I'll reserve that for monday when it gets warmer. Sorry for the small images but they link to my flckr page. I gotta save for that slr camera all I got is the point and shoot.

    This place is very pedestrian friendly.


    The street has a defined skyline but are interrupted by gaps that are not reserved for any uses. i.e. Plazas or little coffe shops


    The on street parking helps to reduce the speed of vehicles.



    I found this street that led nowhere....Then it all made sense it was an entrance for this hideout. Maverick and my father should know what this is.


    This is where I ran into the soldiers. Cool huh? It would be better if there were waves here and it could be one of those secret coves where I could hog all the waves. Man I miss summer.



    • myriam

      If it got up to 40 degrees I could actually go outside without being in the car.

      Feb 5, 07 1:23 am

      damn I'm an island boy and I wear shorts in 40 degree weather. And the no sketching because its cold is ridiculous (actually no I understand tried doing that in DC was rushed to the er for frost bite - i'm kidding)

      so did you really delete the pictures of the base of the bridge...tow the line.

      Feb 5, 07 2:12 am

      yup. He stood there until I deleted them and he looked to make sure.

      Feb 6, 07 8:15 am

      you know, now that you have exposed "the hideout" you should be careful and look for dudes walking toward you with dark glasses.

      Very funny, it made me snicker.


      Feb 7, 07 7:49 am

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