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    By Mark_M
    Jan 19, '07 6:38 PM EST

    I started of the day feeling extremely energized even with three hours of sleep. It helped with the 80 mile walk we have from "Africa" (the designated parking spot for architecture students). It had to be as far as possible from the building so we can build our arms up to carry these giant models that we have to build.
    I was so tempted to climb this obstacle. Its one one those army obstacle course things. I know I'm going to climb this thing before I leave Hampton. I heard they slap you on the wrist for violating rules here but it's good to break the rules sometimes. It makes life funny when you get caught. Like getting a urinating in public and getting caught by the po on horseback. Now thats something to laugh about.HU tower

    My mind has finally got into a zone. Sometimes I hate when this happens because it is hard to sleep when your brain is constantly thinking. I decided to add another studio class to my regular studio. So it looks like I'm going to be an insomniac again.

    I finalized on my logo and I think I got all the extra "baggage" out of the logo. The pos/neg of my intials. Can you see the streets, buildings, courtyards, and blvd?

    LOGO 2_final

    We now have to incorporate these in our portfolios this semester. First we have to describe four of our projects with two sentences, haiku, or poetry and combine them on a peice of paper with our logo. All 2"x6" of it. It's slightly smaller than monopoly money. This weekend looks promising!!!


    • myriam

      ahh, you'll have to post your haiku attempts!

      logo is nice but a bit heavy for my tastes. but as it is your logo it should represent you--and if you are happy with it then it is perfect!

      Jan 20, 07 11:13 am  · 

      also, that structure looks awesomely tempting. and it would be so ludicrous to get caught by the popo on horseback... I had a friend who went to UCSC and was once issued a jaywalking ticket by a cop riding around on a BICYCLE.

      Jan 20, 07 11:14 am  · 

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