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    empty studio

    By Mark_M
    Jan 22, '07 10:55 PM EST

    Yes it is......!?

    Well It was myself and darrly/brandon in studio working on our project. I dont know why he has two names but to not confuse myself I use both. We were feeding off each others idea and it helped me get out of the brian fart I was in. We were having our own little poetry night. It started with witty punchlines going back and forth but it was helping to get our brians rolling.
    I started off by researching contrast in graphics and I started to play with the typography. Two of my pages were strictly play on typography and and the other three were variations of my logo. I have to work on the typography excercises because they apparently were not successful. The blank spaces "leaked." I started to notice how powerful the blank spaces were after I saw one of the examples in class today yet I dont know why. It's quite confusing. There are these huge empty spaces on a page but the smallest word/image can balance the whole page. "Balance." Her page was was so simple and complex. I must have stared at here page for about fifteeen minutes looking for more but with just a few words and the logo it was already full. ??????????? I guess I have to start digging.


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