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    November, already!!

    By Mark_M
    Nov 16, '08 11:36 PM EST

    Frustration has hit an all time high for me this semester. I’ve been too focused on extracurricular activities for most of the semester and I’m now just getting into the meat of my studio project. Come to think of it this is my first post of the semester…geez time does fly.

    an image of the chaos

    I’ve been trying to apply John Maeda’s rules of simplicity to my project mainly S.H.E. (Shrink, Hide, and Embody) but it feels like I’m adding more than I actually took away. I’ve been looking at this project for four days non-stop and I think I’ve just been farting out ideas instead of “adding the meaningful.” I’m wrapping up for toady and I hope to let the thoughts sink in. Hopefully it will come to me in my dreams.


    • simple is very hard.

      Nov 17, 08 7:34 am

      true simplistic is very hard. It also seems like I'm not doing much to the project because it's so minimal. I've been critized before for being cold in my designs but It seems I'm trying to fight myself by accomodating to past critiscim. But they might be right...who knows.

      Nov 17, 08 9:29 am

      my professor used to say to my the whole last semester: just keep it simple, be pure and stick to your concept, do not add new things, just make your concept stronger.
      I was adding new stuff to it and it made it hard to understand, then i just tried to be pure (which i thought is super boring, which it wasnt) and it worked out!!!

      Take a break.

      Another thing the prof used to ask everyboby in teh class was, to explain your concept in one SENTENCE!!! So, just try it.
      Good luck

      And keep it simple

      Nov 17, 08 5:19 pm

      I remember a guest critic saying on a panel last year, "So you mean you ran out of time? So that's why you couldn't make it simple?" It's always easier to do the complicated thing. I still haven't figured out the simple thing out!

      Nov 18, 08 5:17 am

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