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    just one of them architecture days

    By Mark_M
    Jan 31, '07 7:17 PM EST

    I found out today that when you finish something the night before one should print it out right away. Well........ because your printer might decide to go hay wire on you an hour before pinups. Oh yeah!!!

    So I was talking to one of my best buddies in studio today. I like her process of thinking and she makes great decisions on her design work. The ideas just come out of her. Unfortunately she is very shy. I'am trying to get her to come out of her shy shell because she could do some wonders for class discussions if she just spoke up. I had the oppurtunity to work with her last year on our final studio project and she made some great contributions wether they were accidental or on purpose. I learn a lot from analyzing her work. We get a new project on monday so that would be a great change of pace.

    Work today was great as well. I got to sit it with a client and take some notes. I'am currently working on some details for a remodel that we are doing. I love some details. It might sound wierd but it's that "how" in architecture that I love. The bones. I would'nt do them the rest of my life but they are like doing crossword puzzles to me. Well it's one of the few things in architecture where I dont get lost. I learned how to build before I learned how to draw so that might explain my odd addiction to details.

    more paper airplanes at the job

    paper planes 2

    This helicopter one is cool

    I tried this all black and a hint of white thing today. Very killers-ishhy

    what you bout them killers


    • Lucia

      hey mark,
      i went to hampton....i remember you. I transfered last year. So you are in 2 nd year , that means you get to work with shannon and david in the studio. I absolutely miss them, well i miss david more cos he can give u a lot of great ideas. I wish u good luck in HU.


      Feb 1, 07 2:54 am

      Hey Lucia. Shannon and Dave work well together. We looked at one of your projects this year to learn how to render. So I heard your in Europe now. How is it? I will be in Europe...well more in london this summer.

      Feb 1, 07 8:48 am

      "He doesn't look at thing like Jesus...that you imagine when you were young"

      Nice outfit...But you look like a jedi with the garbage bin behind you (R2D2?), is that a light saber in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

      Feb 1, 07 2:26 pm

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