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    By Mark_M
    Feb 12, '07 5:49 PM EST

    I have noticed that when work piles up I become forgetful. For example I have lost my camera twice this week. Luckily I have some great studio mates that find it and place it back on my desk. I have walked out of the house with no shoes, rode all the way home realizing that I have been sitting in silence for 30 minutes, and I frequently lose my keys. I feel like the more I read and read that all my basic skills are leaving my brain. The worst thing is sometimes I forget to eat. I keep telling my friends that the best diet program is to attend architecture school. You can get rid of all that holiday fat in time. I was thinking about taking some of those chinese herbs that help with memory but I thought that I might be overreacting. Wierd.


    • Arnaud M.

      I usually never lose anything, but this week, I kept forgetting my stuff all over the school and I lose a USB key with somewhat critical information on it. USB keys are not for forgetful people.
      I sympathize with you.

      Feb 13, 07 10:11 am

      Just don't forget to breathe.

      The quieter you become, the more you hear - Zen Proverb

      Feb 13, 07 11:11 pm

      good that i read these blogs, i also forgot to eat today...the day before too... i guess architectre really is the best diet programm, but i am slowly becomming anorectic....

      Thanks for remining me to absorb some vitamines.

      Feb 14, 07 7:10 am

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